It’s been a while since I’ve posted. If you read the updated “What I’m Up To” section, you’ll know I had some data loss. That’s a gentle way of putting it. Since I believe there’s a coordinated effort to prevent the sharing of this work.

In this preface I want to explain why you’re getting this article instead of Part 2 on China’s Earthquake Machine. The short answer is: I’m using this as a way to “get back in the swing of things”.

The longer answer is – it’s not easy to do what I’m doing here. Like the analogy of a duck gliding across the surface, but who’s paddling furiously underwater, the laid back “voice” of my writing style may also be concealing intense effort and mental energy.

And that’s what I’m getting at (in part) when I say ‘coordinated effort to prevent this work’. Or as summed up so eloquently by Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction – attempts at breaking my concentration. Another big part, obviously, is no funding. There’s more, but I’ll refrain from further comment in order to minimize problems. (Click the image for video):

Since this article is about The Shining though, here’s another scene talking about broken concentration. Fun fact – this monologue was written by Kubrick an doesn’t appear in the novel. Neither does the maze which we’ll examine later. This is also the scene with the materializing/dematerializing chair in the background. (Could be Kubrick be dropping hints here? This image also links to video):

Another fun fact tying these two movies together. Harvey Keitel, AKA “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction, was originally cast to play Dr. Ziegler before Sydney Pollack took over the role, but had to exit before production completed for whatever reason.

Anyways, we will return to earthquakes. It’s just if you remember back to Part 1, I gave a little insight into my working style of sitting on highly foreign information for a bit before sharing. I was only doing so there because of the importance, and how it concerned everyone.

There were a whole bunch of things on the tip of my proverbial tongue I was going to say. Now, I’m forced to reconstruct that mindset of nearly 3 months ago. And without any data clues from my computer to help with the task.

The good news is: I’ve been studying Eyes Wide Shut and other Kubrick films for over a year now. So, there’s a backlog of material that needs to be reported on. It’s just finding a way to do it where the continuity won’t be a mess.

I must have a guardian angel or two though, because this image from The Shining fits perfectly with, and reinforces the symbolism of “cover ups”, or intentional obfuscation we were looking at in Eyes Wide Shut:

So, what’s the “cover up” above all about then? I keep repeating how Kubrick’s symbolism is multi-purpose. This might be one of the best examples though, since it involves several things already covered, but also a new aspect we’ll explore now.

The first is the 16 subliminal audio cues brought up in Part 7 of EWS. The second goes all the way back to my very first into decoding movies, “A Peek into the Symbolism of Snake Eyes and The Shining“. And the third was very briefly mentioned in Part 6 with the Kennedy assassination.

Although, here I think Kubrick is actually conveying information about JFK Jr. (By necessity I’m going to have to link to a lot of video so people can hear the audio cues for themselves. So, unless otherwise stated you might want to click on the images.)

Now, where is this JFK stuff coming from you ask? These were a few of the images I shared from Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon in Part 6:

The shooters on a grassy knoll symbolism, and a vehicle that could stand in for the convertible Lincoln SS-X-100 should be obvious.

As far as The Shining goes, the following image gets analyzed in the documentary film Room 237 with mention of how the actor resembles JFK:

I think everyone can agree that’s probably a fairly accurate interpretation. Or at least one of them. I had stretched that a little earlier, and proposed this actor may also simultaneously represent one of the Podesta brothers which we’ll get back to in a second. (This gentlemen also does a pretty far out there backwards talking trick when we look at the audio in a bit as well).

Before we get into deeper conspiracies like that, and analyzing the subliminal props on his desk and remainder of the office, I want to start building the case for the JFK interpretation right now. (They’re all related and interconnected, it’s just the explanations have to be done one at a time for maximum clarity).

Another one of the things already noted by Kubrick researchers, in addition to this actor’s JFK resemblance, is the release date of Eyes Wide Shut on July 16th 1999 happens to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch date on July 16th 1969. (This date was intentionally chosen by Kubrick for Eyes Wide Shut).

Tying in with Kubrick’s multi-purpose symbolism, what people might not also know about July 16th, 1999 is that was the same day John F. Kennedy Jr was killed in a plane accident over the Atlantic Ocean. The official investigation lists the cause of the crash as “pilot error due to spatial disorientation”. This is another place I think we can all agree, whether true or not, the wording just sounds suspicious.

Here’s a few more images from very early on in The Shining that build on the American flag symbolism we see above, and lend evidence to the theory of American politics being discussed covertly.

Just to comment on these very quickly. Wendy’s dress was remarked on previously in comparison to Alice in Wonderland, but we also see generous use of the colors red, white, and blue.

The first image is also clearly intimating at books almost falling over, or needing to be “propped up”. Red, white and blue “propaganda” in other words. Which is then reinforced with the camera strategically placed in front of Danny, and more symbolism of “America’s pastime” with the baseball seen behind him.

Wendy is reading Catcher in the Rye which should come as no surprise when discussing presidential assassinations such as JFK and JFK Jr. That book has a long history in pop culture associated with both John Lennon’s murder, and Hinckley’s attempt on Reagan. (The 1997 movie Conspiracy Theory also features it as a plot device).

We’ll come back to Forrest Gump later because there’s several things worth noting. For now, the Washington Monument is important because the “obstruction” or “cover-up” symbolism we saw earlier in The Shining I feel is meant to convey Washington, D.C.

This idea of “Washington” is also reinforced with a few other clues along with the first subliminal audio marker which says the word “Washington” itself when played backwards.

Note the “Pentagon” design on the floor. And when Jack first arrives to the Overlook Hotel, Kubrick creates an illusion with the camera of “going up a hill”. Which is again subliminally reinforced with imagery of “big hills” or mountains – Capitol Hill. (There’s also many more hints in the manager’s office).

Click the image below to hear the first subliminal audio track. Some of the other markers need to be sped up or slowed down. However, this one is easily audible played only in reverse.

You can also see contrasted with the “uphill” illusion featured above, here we’re given the opposite impression of “downhill”. I commented briefly in Part 8 this could be a reference to structures on the Moon built downwards. Which is reinforced with an actress coming down stairs as well as the arrangement of photographs on the wall. (This will come up again).

To round out some more of the moon symbolism though. We have a plant or stand in for “little green men” examined thoroughly in Eyes Wide Shut. Luggage “on its way up” indicating space travel. With a black and white sign “in front”, or covering the real happenings behind it (Apollo black & white footage).

There’s a crystalline pattern on the Scottish rug (Masons and their 33rd degree rite). Possibly referring to the architecture of these downward structures or domes looked at in Lost below. (Could also double for “crystal skull” symbolism since the prop hangs directly behind the heads of two actors).

And lastly, the hexagonal shape noted in several other Kubrick films, especially 2001: A Space Odyssey with an educated guess this meant discussion of “viruses”. (Possibly invisible and “infecting” the mind I’ll speculate on with the 4th subliminal audio track).

Finishing up commentary on the “propaganda” stills though. Next we see Wendy on the phone talking about, “getting the job”. Not hard to guess what “job” is being alluded to when looking at the other symbolism. Something involving black and white images on television screens.

Going out on a limb here guessing Kubrick was hired by Washington to create the Apollo films? Strong possibility, considering he’s spelled out the letter A with the books surrounding the TV.

Then we have Danny with eyes shut in front of more red, white and blue propaganda on the wall in the shape of an A. This “eyes shut” signaling was something Kubrick used previously in 2001: A Space Odyssey, with an actor discussing cover stories of viruses in space and monoliths in the background.

Finally, we have very obvious facial gesturing, or non-verbal communication. Haven’t figured that one out yet. So, feel free chiming in. It does occur in conjunction with the 13th subliminal audio marker, but I’ve only made it through 6 of the 16 so far.

It would be very hard to argue American politics isn’t on the table for discussion seeing and hearing all this. (We still need to get back to the manager’s office, and I think we’ll do that shortly when working through the hidden audio markers). With that established though, I want to try to dig more into what I interpreted as material dealing with JFK.

Mentioned already were coincidences or synchronicities with dates, as well as actor resemblances. But let’s go back to the scene with the symbolic “cover-up” since it features our 6th subliminal audio cue.

Dialogue is pertinent in this scene looking for clues regarding JFK/Jr. So, video is linked with the image above. And in fact there’s talk of, “What time does your plane leave?” Which could relate to the fatal accident in question. I would also propose the way the furniture is arranged is not hard to imagine as the layout of an aircraft, with Jack sitting in the cockpit seats or forward cabin. (Stretching again I know, but the two triangles of the floor pattern could be seen as the wings of an airplane.)

He’s also reading a magazine with JFK Jr. being known for publishing the magazine George. It’s actually a Playgirl magazine which I interpreted previously from a sexual perversion/blackmail angle with the Podesta brothers. I also analyzed the crosses in the wood paneling from the perspective of Catholic Church sex scandals, but could also signify the Kennedy family as JFK was the first Roman Catholic president (when mainstream America was still anti-Catholic).

Of course there’s a big wheel associated with children, and differences in height between actors examined with pedophilia. However, from the Kennedy angle this could just a imply a “Junior”. JFK Jr. might also be most well-known among the general public for the iconic photo saluting his father when he was only 3 years old.

The time stamp of this scene could be significant since it takes place around the 19:50-59 mark which is when Eisenhower was president, and famously warned of the dangers of a Military Industrial Complex. And who many suspect were behind JFK’s murder (and now Jr.).

The 22nd Amendment limiting a president to 2 terms was also passed while Eisenhower was in office. Making you wonder if the MIC was “gimping” anyone who could be a threat to their power so they wouldn’t have to resort to assassinating them.

Getting back to audio there’s dialogue involving “goodbyes” being given. And for the superstitious, the jersey number of the actress in the background is 13. Lastly of course, our subliminal audio marker:

Now, to my ear this sounds like, “the ocean”. Which could relate back to JFK’s fatal “accident” over the Atlantic. In association with pedophilia though, ocean may be referencing Jeffery Epstein’s private island and the Lolita express scandal.

Ocean might also refer to USO’s or Unidentified Submerged Objects. There is a plant again in the background. Additionally, a glowing green light can be seen on the left, possibly having to do with deep sea animals and phosphorescence.

Not to mention we have a whole lot of “boxes”. I have to admit, I’ve been a little coy with this sequence. In fairness though, I did give the reasoning in that it was stuff already covered. But the first half of this scene also involves a “cover-up”.

And there we also see “boxes”. I’ll give a full rundown momentarily, but my hope is the boxes aren’t meant to imply “boxing”, or any attempts to “fight” with aliens wherever they may be.

USO’s are a topic we just haven’t gotten around to yet. We may do so when rounding up the stragglers from the party sequence of Eyes Wide Shut. But I do feel they’re being discussed in Kubrick’s films and others such as Snake Eyes:

Finishing up commentary on “the ocean” subliminal cue though. For those interested in how I got the audio to sound like that. Basically, far too long was spent on trial and error. Speeding up/slowing down, until something intelligible could be heard. So, I’m completely open to someone who can make it sound differently. (As my method tends to result in wanting to throw your headphones across the room.)

The exact speed at which you’re hearing is 33% of original, played in reverse obviously. We could speculate why this number over others. And I think we will to break up the monotony. So, let’s go down a little rabbit hole regarding eagle symbolism.

Many are aware 33 is associated with Freemasonry, and the 33rd degree Scottish Rite. Also, mentioned briefly in Part 5 was the fact many astronauts have a Masonic background.

What many might not be aware of (I wasn’t until driving past a local Masonic lodge) is the two-headed eagle is also associated with Masonry. And spotting this symbol on the outside of their building was fortuitous, or a synchronicity if you will, because there’s a section late in Eyes Wide Shut with mailboxes and eagles everywhere.

And when I say there’s mailboxes everywhere, I mean everywhere because this isn’t even all of them. (Only one is a repeat in order to get the upside-down Miller Lite can in frame, not just the same mailboxes seen from different angles.) However, one of the mailboxes stands out in this slow paced “chase” sequence.

It’s the one marked with graffiti that could be read as “baby”, and what’s also interesting is the same mailbox appears in two other key sequences we briefly mentioned might be referring to aliens. And hey, look. Not just my initials on a fridge, but my entire name on a Hotel – Jason!

(Actually, I don’t know what the entire word says. And I haven’t found a different angle to confirm/deny. So, until proven otherwise its Jason in my mind).

Anyways, back to serious business of eagles and Freemasonry. Now, you may be asking yourself why Kubrick is bombarding us with eagles. Not just in Eyes Wide Shut, but as seen below in The Shining?

Well, that’s the question I was asking myself at least. So, I hope that makes me somewhat normal if we’re on the same wavelength. And to be honest, it was almost totally stumping me until driving past the local Masonic lodge as mentioned. Because with just one eagle we could see how it might mean Apollo 11 or the NSA. (It probably does imply those as well though).

But Kubrick is going out of his way here to include more than one eagle in these shots. (I’m counting the above frame where the eagle on Jack’s shirt dissolves into the eagle on the Adler typewriter as 2 along with the almost comical amount of mailboxes).

So, I think it’s fair to say there’s a strong possibility he’s telling us something about Freemasonry. What that something is though I can only guess or try to interpret symbolism. Because as stated, I’m an “outsider” so to speak. (Stay gold Ponyboy).

Here you can see more Masonic imagery from Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. And we started scratching the surface of his connections to Kubrick in Parts 5 and 7. (Pretty sure that’s a phoenix, not an eagle though).

But for people who don’t know the relationship between Masons and Shriners (like me until Googling): Before a man can become a Shriner, he must become a Freemason. All Shriners are Freemasons, but not all Freemasons become Shriners.

Anyways, the symbolism seems to be there. But as stated what does it mean? And I’ll go ahead and hazard a guess since I haven’t been shy about far out there interpretations. I’ll also emphasize the word hazard, as this can be a touchy subject for some. And I’m completely open to having my mind changed if someone wants to invite me into the “clubhouse” or show me some “secret handshakes”.

But I think it has to do with one of the above frames we just looked at, and some Nazi images covered briefly in Part 4:

Though these screens are from Eyes Wide Shut (and 2001), we again see what appears to be Nazi gesturing and “Black Power” symbolism being given on the down low by Danny in The Shining.

The Nazi salutes are even more obvious when watching the video as Wendy uses it multiple times. What’s also worrying is the symbolism behind her could be construed as a “White House” with a big official desk and diplomatic flags. (Click the image for video):

I know. You’re probably thinking, “What are you getting at Jason? Are you trying to imply Freemasons are Nazis?” So, give me chance to offer a larger explanation (without getting too far off track from The Shining) and reference a few other items.

Just talking about this stuff can rile people up, but what I’m proposing here is something more along the lines of a small group or “cabal”, as talked about with Nostradamus material, who subscribe to a Nazi philosophy or fascism which is defined as: “radical authoritarianism, dictatorial power, and forcible suppression of opposition”.

And one of the ways this cabal has gone about implementing this was talked about previously with “Operation Paperclip” in Part 5.

Another covert government project people should really familiarize themselves with, and relates to what I’m trying to get at above is the “Cointelpro” program.

What happens with Cointelpro can most accurately be summed up as “camouflage”. In other words, this small group or cabal of Nazi’s dress themselves up, or disguise themselves as various different groups in order to instigate conflict or war – and profit from selling arms to both sides.

This was shown with the “racket” and “ping pong” symbolism in Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, and elsewhere. “War is a racket”, famously said by retired US Marine Corp Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley Butler in 1935.

Nostradamus also comments on this use of Cointelpro in a quatrain about a billionaire who incites trouble in the Southern United States. Here’s part of the interpretation for Quatrain V-75:

“He will be involved with such organizations as the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. The mayhem he likes to cause is more often to appear in the southern part of the country where such mayhem has been somewhat traditional.”

How do you think this person gets away with stuff like that? I’m guessing “camouflage”. Paying some gatherers at rally for Black Lives Matter or similar to take things too far and make them look bad. The people acting badly being funded by a rich white guy though – Black Robes, White Justice.

(An interesting rabbit hole to follow from here is Tupac’s murder where you can read about the Jewish Defense League. There’s some synchronicities since shortly before he was killed, there was a fight with Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, and Tupac supposedly asked him if he was from the South).

So, you’ll get trouble makers within groups that result in violent conflict like whites fighting blacks. Or on a larger scale with Americans fighting Russians. And as a continuation of that idea of “camouflage” – Nazi’s dressed up as Freemasons, or Scientologists, or Skull & Bones, or AA, or insert whatever Secret Society de jour.

The point being – whatever name they put on the groups they dress up as – it all leads back to this small cabal of Nazi’s, who we examined in Part 6 most likely ultimately leads back to Rothschild or “daddy”. (The name Rothschild comes from Middle High German, rot ‘red’ + schilt ‘sign’, ‘shield’. Or in other words “the red sign”, and we had looked at some interesting red symbolism early on in Eyes Wide Shut).

Here’s another picture of “daddy” from A Clockwork Orange along with monoliths, audio cues, and symbolism of money behind him. And a frame from our EWS chase sequence with what could construed as a “government building” behind a Nazi (and yet another mailbox):

I have a strong feeling there’s a hidden message among the signage here, but haven’t quite cracked it yet. So, would love opinions. Possibly an anagram. And the graffiti on the Stop sign may be important as with the mailboxes above.

The Nazi symbolism in A Clockwork Orange hasn’t been mentioned so far because it’s so obvious. But, here you go. The only thing hidden maybe the scrambled phrase “Not My Home” seen on the projector.

Possibly alluding to Nazi propensity for invading others. As well as smuggling during Paperclip. And for continuation of far out speculation in EWS Part 7 – Human origins as alien “sperm”. Earth not being our real “Home”, and the instinctual drive to leave.

I could even speculate farther than this. That dinosaurs didn’t just go “extinct”. They were murdered. By asteroid flinging aliens upset with the direction their offspring took. (This guy sort of looks like a T-Rex above with the goggles).

Really wish I could remember the source talking about identifying past impact locations because of the circular geographical features like the Sea of Japan. There’s the Gulf of Mexico obviously, but if the “seeding” went awry multiple times, or you needed to make sure a global species was eliminated…

This conversation from Fight Club is highly interesting if the word “city” is changed to “planet”. Also, anyone think Brad Pitt looks like a T-Rex again here?

Could it be Kubrick took us back in history to apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but his next film A Clockwork Orange journeyed even farther to the time of dinosaurs?

Those would be velociraptor type species under the “vellocet” sign. Pterodactyls with the triangular “wings” in the air. Brontosaurus eating leaves off trees in front. And then spiders/cockroaches on the ground. (There’s more on spiders later).

Of course you could then speculate from a religious angle, and wonder why Jesus was such a “weird guy” in relation to his peers (with his abilities/miracles). Possibly just being more “alien” than others.  Jesus Predator anyone?

Remember who he was fighting in that movie? Military. I’ll let you decide if the setting was meant to imply The Moon/The Earth or both simultaneously.

Ingo Swann also talks about Los Angeles or “Hollyweird” being filled with aliens in Penetration. While true, I think he’s being sly to bypass CIA censorship, and omitting the rest of the statement about all cities being filled with aliens.

Swann worked with the CIA (actually considered the “father” of remote viewing), and knows what he can and can’t get away with (like Kubrick). And why some of the stories in his book might seem fictional, and told the way they are.

In other words there’s “encryption”, or reading between the lines required. Also, see Men in Black for more on aliens living among us. UFOs brought down by lightning is also featured there (we’ll look again shortly):

Going back to our crystalline structures on the Moon. Geometric patterns are also reported with psychedelic use. You know what’s also reported with psychedelics? Contact with aliens. Are we just getting in touch with our inner alien when “tripping”, producing highly arranged visual effects?

I mean, if you step back and view cities/skyscrapers pretty alien stuff. What’s the Bible verse, “So God created man in His own image”? If we were “created” from seeding of the earth by aliens, makes sense our domiciles might resemble theirs.

Just built upwards instead of down – primitive antigravity tech – and back to our urge of escaping the confines of Earth. Buildings also spring into existence from our minds, with UFOs appearing to do the same.

Replace Ark with Moon Structures/Monoliths in the following dialogue from a Jacques Vallee look alike:

Despite having yet more Nazi’s in Raiders of the Lost Ark, I’m not accusing anyone in particular of being a Nazi (here or elsewhere). Looking at more stills from that movie. There’s UFOs brought down by lightning again, and our Vallee character next to, not quite “little green men”, however there is green in the background.

Vallee has certainly had run-ins with military intelligence (like Kubrick), seeing as how his work is widely published. You don’t get a platform like that without being “vetted”, especially researching UFOs. I’m also pretty he sure spent time at [SRI], but the extent of his involvement you’ll have to ask him.

Anyways, you wanted an interpretation or a temporary one, there it is lol. Like I said, if someone has a better reason why we keep seeing Nazi gestures everywhere when they were supposedly “neutralized” in WW2 then I’m all ears.

And even though people are probably tired of hearing me repeat how Kubrick’s symbolism is multi-purpose, I’ll say it again this is probably only one of the things he’s getting at.

These are not fantasies though, government projects like Paperclip and Cointel. So, it’s not crazy for me to imagine the idea of Cointel “camouflage” scaled up to the highest levels of Masonry (or government) where the line might start getting blurred between Freemasonry and Nazi philosophy.

Whether this interpretation ends up being right or not, you can’t say it’s not entertaining yeah?

Maybe I used to many words, and Forrest Gump sums up it better about keeping your eye on the ball instead of who’s holding the racket. Rather than paying attention to what the leaders are calling themselves (or look like), what they’re asking us to do.

Anyways, back to our grind of “cover-ups” in The Shining. (Of course I joke, since there’s lots of juicy stuff to be found):

One thing intentionally left out of commentary for the frame on the right because it shows up again on the left, similar to the mailboxes mentioned above where one sticks out because of the graffiti, here we also have among our boxes one that stands out.

In case we’re not on the same wavelength as with the eagles, I see a package that could double as a “bomb”. I’m talking about the one wrapped in black tape near the column. And so this gets back to stuff already covered. I’ll provide a little evidence now, but for in depth discussion of 9/11 Part 6 of Eyes Wide Shut is worth checking out.

Detonation charge might be the better term rather than bomb. Because if we look at the patterning on the floor again connecting the “support beams” in our lobby, it almost resembles visually a “controlled demolition” – a repeating chain of collapse inward >< charge >< collapse inward >< charge. (Not to mention of course there’s a hotel “maintenance worker” who could plant such charges during odd hours. (A closer look at the floor pattern below):

Notice again as with our “downwards” built structures on the moon, we’re given that same camera illusion of things coming down. I believe all these floor patterns have meanings, and we’ll get to another one in a second in regards to Roswell. But what I’m also saying is this could take a while. I think our “airplane wings” and “pentagon” in the JFK analysis could apply to 9/11 as well.

Here’s a couple images from The Shining interpreted previously to deal with 9/11. This scene occurs at the exact midpoint of the movie where things sync up perfectly when played forwards and backwards simultaneously. A tipping point in other words:

Not from The Shining, but remote control of the airliners often gets talked about with 9/11. The frame on the left is 1:16 into WarGames. Turned upside down like our Miller Lite logo, and reversed, we arrive at 9:11. Then obviously Back to the Future Predicts 9/11 was linked to multiple times in Part 6. Worth noting are the release dates of these films (1983 and 1985) being very near to The Shining (1980). (I also find the imagery of a “gutted” vehicle interesting in addition to hints at military fatigues on Doc Brown).

We’ve looked at some pretty clear propaganda symbolism so far in regards to the Apollo program. Both here, and way back in Part 1 of Eyes Wide Shut. There I speculated the following image could be Kubrick taking credit for the hoaxed Moon landing films in an unconventional way. With symbolism reminiscent of how many children grew up with NASA photographs hanging on their walls.

I don’t remember where I read it, but I heard the photographs from Apollo 11 were the best-selling of all time. And it wouldn’t surprise me if true. Kubrick actually started off as a still photographer before getting into movies. It also makes sense in the context of this work featuring freeze-frames.

Steering the conversation towards propaganda and 9/11, this sequence in The Shining takes place at the 19:11 time-stamp. Makes you wonder if there’s some subtext to the dialogue here about cannibalism in relation to 9/11.

The last thing that should at least be brought up to close out our discussion of airplanes, 9/11 and JFK Jr. People are probably wondering why JFK Jr. would need to be killed. The motivation behind 9/11 is pretty clear. War profiteering.

I think the only hint we have is Jack’s dialogue in that scene of, “My son has discovered the games room.” Now, that could mean a lot of things. Sexual games. War Games. Whatever he discovered it didn’t end well. I’m way past thin ice here, so if there is an explanation in the imagery I’ll leave it to someone else to find.

It’s about time we got back to aliens, space and the Moon though. So, let’s fully analyze that above frame concerning “cover-ups”. The beginning of that sequence actually starts with this image at the 19:38 marker:

And I think it’s important to go back this far because I feel what’s being communicated with a few of these symbols stands out more when contrasted against the sky. So, obviously the chandeliers within the hotel take on flying saucer characteristics.

Then the doors to the radio or communication room which we’ll examine shortly can be seen as “monoliths”. No coincidence with the “sound” connection either in my opinion. (There’s two monoliths which is pretty important to note, and covered extensively in EWS Part 7).

There’s actually monoliths all over the hotel I’ll document in a second, as well as speculate about the 19:38 time, but the images below from Lost tie in with the idea of flying saucers or aliens filling the skies, and top secret government facilities underneath mountains.

Those characters are named “The Others” if you’re not aware. Lost also features plotlines with “abductions”, and babies being stolen. As well as “lists” of people they’re interested in. The frame on the right is from Season 1 Episode 14 titled “Special” – or backwards as we’ve been doing 411. (There’s much more we’ll get to.)

Here’s a closer look at the exterior of the radio room (we’ll look inside in a bit), and a few more images suggestive of monoliths. Hate to keep injecting myself into this narrative, but that’s a “Dr. J” poster behind Wendy.

You might be starting to see why I mentioned Kubrick may have been put in “Director’s Jail” following the release of this movie, and one of the reasons his creative output dropped significantly with only 2 releases over the next 20 years. (I’m betting Full Metal Jacket is as jammed packed as Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining when your opportunities get limited like that).

Anyways, we’ll take a detailed look at each of these frames when they come up again, but I’ve circled a symbol near the manager’s office that takes us back to our cover-up since it’s very similar to the one we see on the ground there:

The placement of this symbol “underground”, or at the bottom of our frame, again conveys the interpretation of structures beneath the surface of the Moon. Not to mention another maintenance worker reinforcing this idea, or dare I say “digging” instead of mopping. The “hatch” from Lost was also underground if you’ll remember:

Worth mentioning also from Lost in conjunction with “space” is the episode in which Alvar Hanso was introduced. (Season 2 Episode 3, “Orientation”). Many people noted the [peculiarity of this name], and suspected an anagram or deeper meaning was in play.

Han Solo is not a bad guess considering its only two letters short of the complete spelling. I hadn’t seen anyone mention the other Star Wars references to Chewbacca and Princess Leia (Luke’s sister) though. So, now someone has. (I would also take this a bit deeper and ask why Star Wars is being referenced).

You can read a little about Darth Vader in Part 1 of China’s Earthquake Machine, however the subliminal imagery is so obvious in the following scene from The Shining I don’t feel the need to put a comparison up:

So, the last thing super obvious on both exterior/interior view of our cover-up is the giant ladder in the shape of an A. Which we already suspected was meant to symbolize Apollo propaganda. Another giant ladder appears in the “Gold Room”.

I would even go so far as to say this “Gold Room” is meant to imply the studio where the Apollo footage was filmed. You can see Wendy doing a little dance, and the “Apollo Theater” in Harlem, New York is the most famous performance venue associated with African American entertainers.

This “theater” concept is reinforced with plush red seating often associated with movie theaters. The color green is filling the entire background which could be interpreted as a “green screen” Kubrick may have used to achieve the effects in the Apollo films.

There’s also vacuum cleaners suggesting how the atmosphere was created inside a chamber. Lastly, film negative may be hinted at on the right with white monoliths instead of black (and what the cover-up was all about).

Front Screen Projection technique was discussed in Part 1, and involves the use of two-way mirrors in front of the camera angled at 45 degrees. And could explain in part the heavy use of mirror symbolism here and in Eyes Wide Shut.

Additionally, if the “Apollo Theater” was underground somewhere, this hallway could be seen as an “elevator” leading to it. Also, take note of the actor looking “behind him” in reference to Front/Rear Projection.

The above “Apollo Theater” sequence also contains some sinister talk about “insurance” we’ll cover later. As well as something being said about lighting with one of the two chandeliers being repaired. Possibly having to do with the infamous two light sources seen in Edgar Mitchell’s visor during Apollo 14.

Getting back to some of the not so obvious details in our cover-up analysis though. Well, one of the things is not so much a conspiracy, but does lead to some very interesting discussion. And this would be the ZZZ pattern we see at the top of our support columns when combined with the cot or mattress.

Doctor Sleep (2013) is Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining. It was created after asking fans to vote in a poll what he should write next, and the plot follows Danny Torrance after he’s all grown up.

Now, of course the interesting discussion would start with if/how Kubrick knew about this novel 30 years before its release. And from that “supernatural” jumping off point you can read more about a supposedly legendary middle of the night conversation between Kubrick and Stephen King regarding the existence of God.

That would then be a good segue into another symbol next to the column where we see what could be a “cross” in the window. And then I guess if we tried real hard to “triangulate” our symbolism back to the cot, and a chandelier resembling a “crown”, we could potentially arrive at another cover-up involving assassinations. This time Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The crown could obviously be used in association with Jesus, his crown of thorns and religion conspiracies. But for those familiar with the most recent MLK theory, the cot could be seen as a hospital bed. As a lawyer for the King family has recently written a book alleging MLK survived the shooting, and was killed at the hospital.

Cointelpro rears its ugly head here again though. Since there’s speculation it was heavily used in tarnishing MLK’s reputation. And even though I joked about triangulating to include another assassination, we did pretty firmly establish Washington as not only a visual, but audio symbol. And of course MLK is most famous for “The Great March on Washington”.

So, there’s two more symbols appearing near the ladder. And both are going to take us down rabbit holes. One leads to HAL and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The other “Project Rainbow”. Sounding like Morpheus here, you take the red pill…Maybe I should do a poll like Stephen King, which do want first?

Let’s do rainbows. People can see the rainbows, yeah? The half circle under the ladder way above? And the elevators/bear’s eye? It’s under the “Apollo” ladder since that’s what’s being covered-up.

Anyways, there’s a bunch of stuff to clarify with monoliths I’m not looking forward to. And we already covered rainbows a bit. More than monoliths at least. And man oh man, at risk of sounding like a braggadocious rapper, do you see a “J” in the equations HAL is spitting out?

Oops, forgot about the 19:38 time. Didn’t have much to say other than possibly leading back to Rothschild.  But I guess that also ties in with Project Rainbow because someone’s funding it. Anyways, if you look at a timeline of rocket technology, 1938 is when the UK military starting researching solid-fuel rockets at Fort Halstead.

Jack Parsons is an interesting person to look into with regards to rocket science and solid-fuels. We could also do some conspiracy speculation comparing UK and Germany’s rocket technology around that time. And how that technology managed to escape destruction for both sides if the same person was funding it.

On to rainbows though. So, we’ve been talking about cover-ups and conspiracies. Put in perspective though, Project Rainbow has to be the biggest (if I’m right). Because as far the other big one – aliens, most people have their own personal theory to explain it. But I bet if asked anything involving technology like teleportation, you’d be lucky to get a yes or a no. Most likely strange glares.

I totally understand the sentiment though. Because remembering back to my very first Videocast trying to explain an NDE, I prefaced the material talking about traveling “through space” instead of traveling “on the surface of space”, like I believe the space shuttles we see are doing.

And I felt sheepish verbalizing it. Despite knowing it was correct. That’s how deep the conditioning is for “outdated technology”. It’s fine to speculate about the unknown like aliens, but once you start speculating about the known you’re a madman.

Well, show us they say if what you’re claiming is true. Which is the leverage point, or whole reason for “cover-ups”. We aren’t shown. The truth at least. And I think the enormity of the teleportation cover-up is reflected in the following image:

So, we get back to the arrangement of photographs mentioned previously. You can see on the right we have photos going “up” into space in a very linear step-by-step manner. However, what’s smacking us in the face or being “covered-up”, is the fact photos can “jump” and travel from one location to another. (Video is linked).

A quick note about the “Kubrick Glare” seen above before getting too deep down this rabbit hole. I’m not just using it here for humorous effect. Since if it’s Kubrick symbolism, he’s probably conveying something. Fleshed out [in this article], the author writes:

“The Kubrick Glare has been called the “the heavy-browed look of insanity”. The actor is filmed with head titled down, looking up, with a detached, mad look in their eye.”

Now, why does Kubrick keep showing us people going insane? But also “looking up”? My guess would be the same reason he keeps peppering us with hex symbolism. These people have gone mad for a reason. The invisible mind viruses “up” in space.

Which we’ll explore further with the 4th subliminal audio cue. For now though, I’ll re-post a Seth quote from The Way Towards Health:

“There are many, many species that man has not discovered, in all the categories of life — insects onward. There are multitudinous species of viruses and so forth that man has not encountered and recognized, and there are connections between viruses and other species of living matter that remain unknown.”

The underlining is Seth’s own emphasis. And this quote is actually a can of worms maybe I shouldn’t have brought up because insects will lead us down yet another rabbit hole with Arachnophobia, Stephen King’s It, and many other movies.

And I guess this fits in here though since I brought up Seth and “channeling” of aliens.

The reason I believe it has to do with channeling of aliens is because there’s a television which obviously have channels/stations. Jack is also seen with eyes closed symbolism looked at previously, and hypnosis or deep meditation is often used to contact aliens.

Then to cross another floor pattern off our list, this one is reminiscent of images looked at in Part 6 of EWS. There we saw crystal skulls, and above we have lots of see-through glass or windows. Crystal is also often associated with chandeliers.

Onwards though to where rainbows end. OK. So, lots of pictures. These are just a few from The Shining, but we’ll look at images and video from other Kubrick movies shortly.

Just some very quick commentary because we’ll come back later. The rainbows next to the group photo in the first image suggests to me a “group scientific effort” similar to the Manhattan Project. (For the naysayers who think secrets as large as teleportation can’t be kept).

I believe this project was also initiated around that same time – 1942 or so. And one of the reasons for why Summer of ’42 is on the TV, and seen other places like Danny’s shirt:

And we see two rainbows because – teleportation – jumping from below ground bases up to the Moon/Space. The vehicles used are the “black triangles” seen in the 4th image. In addition to not appearing in the novel, this maze was constructed at a ridiculous height of 13 feet – to visually show them flying/hovering in the air.

However, first let’s go back to grumpy Jack from the beginning. Because I want to give a reason for why he’s so grouchy, like why people are going insane. But also because this entire sequence gives details about Project Rainbow.

Adding those statements together you might be able to guess – some early test subjects lost their minds. Some also allegedly became fused to objects. So, we’ll also take a look at people having trouble getting out of chairs – like they’re stuck to them. (Video is linked).

Before digging in, the enormity of this cover-up was mentioned. So, probably even more so than the earthquake machine, this is going to be a difficult task. Because there’s been over 75 years of disinformation put out by governments. Nobody’s heard of an earthquake machine though so no need for messing with people’s heads.

I’ll identify symbolism I believe hints at true events. But keep in mind what I said about leverage points of “cover-ups” – we aren’t shown. In other words, this is entirely psychic work. If I was an insider with “facts”, well, I’d already be dead.

If I do hit the mark, or anyone else who’s researched the topic, they’ll be no confirmation (or denial) by Navy/Military Intelligence. It’s wholly up to us to decide with the information presented. And I’m aware of this responsibility in what I’m saying here.

This is the frame that starts the sequence at 43 minutes:

Part 2 continues here.