No. Those are still not images from Eyes Wide Shut in the title cards. However, it is technically Stanley Kubrick since those are Blue Fairies (and aliens) from AI, Artificial Intelligence. A project started by Kubrick, and finished by Steven Spielberg.

And I felt they were appropriate for several reasons. Of course, in Part 4 we discussed cartoon symbolism with Snoopy, Alice in Wonderland, and Disney Princesses. Well, if you’re familiar with another Disney story, Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy is the character that brings Pinocchio to life.

The second frame is from Drive (2011). And if you pay attention to the lyrics of the song “A Real Hero” from the incredible soundtrack, this would appear to be another movie about something other than what it seems: “A real human being and a real hero.” To be a real human is what Pinocchio wanted. (Click the image to listen).

This also ties all the way back to Part 1 of this series, since the Disney version of Pinocchio is based on Carlo Collodi’s 1883 book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, in which the character is named “The Fairy with Turquoise Hair”. And there we had examined Kubrick’s use of turquoise symbolism in The Shining from a few different angles. So, I thought this might be another interesting one to mention.

What’s also interesting is a Steven Spielberg interview included in the extra material of the Blu Ray for Eyes Wide Shut. In which he says talking with Stanley the last few years of his life he kept saying, “I want to change the form. I want to make a movie that changes the form.”

Well, that’s exactly what the Blue Fairy does – bring things to life, or changes the form. And if you’ve made it this far into the series I think we can all agree Kubrick succeeded.

Now, we could even take this Blue Fairy symbolism into conspiracy territory as well, as we have with the rest of Kubrick’s work. I say conspiracy because that’s how I framed an earlier blog post referencing Nostradamus talking about a prophecy of a Great Genius.

So, one of the other things people may not know is, The Adventures of Pinocchio is the most widely read book in the world after the Bible. And in the Conversations with Nostradamus books, the author Dolores Canon asks Nostradamus if this Great Genius is the Second Coming of Christ and he says, “It will be like the return of Christ”.

And one of the reasons Nostradamus says that is because this genius is supposed to invent an organic computer as described below:

“He envisions a way of transplanting some of his genius and knowledge into a type of organic computer so it will still be there to serve mankind after his body has aged and died. He develops it to the highest point possible to transfer his genius, or rather duplicate his genius and his knowledge, so he still has it but it’s also in this organic computer.”.

That sure sounds like the work of a Blue Fairy to me. Bringing things to life. “Artifical” Intelligence. Changing the form.

Some other interesting things people may not know about Pinocchio, is in the original Italian story Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket with a hammer and Pinocchio dies a gruesome death, hanged for his innumerable faults at the end of Chapter 15. (Reminds me of a “crucifixion”, so understandable why it’s as popular as the Bible.)

A few collages featuring Pinocchio reflecting frustrations with creations having a mind of their own (and probably what we’ll have to deal with if this ‘organic computer’ prophecy materializes). Last screen is Being John Malkovich (1999).

Anyways, let’s get back to Eyes Wide Shut specifically even though we have been discussing Kubrick. But an interesting coincidence or synchronicity when we return to the fridge sequence we were analyzing, what we see is “blue” as in the Blue Fairies we were just talking about (from my experience synchronicities usually mean you’re doing something right).

Some more blue from other shows we’ve been looking at and a little more music to balance the senses featuring some interesting lyrics from The Sopranos intro song “Woke Up This Morning” (The Chosen One Mix): “…born under a bad sign with a blue Moon in your eye”. (The soundtrack for the entire Breaking Bad series is also worth tracking down).

Click the image below to hear the song on Youtube:

The imagery is interesting in this Sopranos sequence in addition to the mention of Blue and Moons we’ve been discussing because we also see the Twin Towers, airplanes, pizza, bridges and churches (“The Bridge to Total Freedom” is associated with Scientology). And these are all things we’ve also been talking about with Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

Another interesting thing with blue is, many people believe a royal blue aura color expresses peace, harmony, inner balance, spiritual devotion or deep religious concepts. Which ties together everything we just covered about Blue Fairies bestowing life, and a Great Genius resembling a return of Christ. So, if any of you sensitives are looking for this guy – blue aura is probably a good clue.

OK. I mentioned what was playing on the TV in the refrigerator sequence was significant. Here’s why I feel that way. We started looking at fridges because it was highlighted in the dialogue. And what we found in addition to numbers relating to 9/11 was symbols suggesting food code words used to discuss pedophilia.

So, this scene starts off with birds on the TV and Kidman is holding a cookie in her hand. However, when the waiter appears on screen this is when Kidman begins to eat the cookie. At this point she also makes a gesture towards the glass of milk in front of her, but does not actually drink from it.

Now, when this scene is re-watched looking for this “signaling” it becomes very obvious something about food, waiters, and refrigerators is being communicated because she does not make these gestures with the cookie/glass until the waiter appears.

What is being communicated will also become very obvious if we follow the waiter and refrigerator symbolism over to The Shining, since I mentioned one of the key sequences in that film concerning Room 237 revealed the conversation with Lloyd the bartender when watching the superimposed edit.

To summarize, we had Kubrick saying look at refrigerators. And we looked at refrigerators. And when we got there now he’s saying look for waiters/food. Of course, there’s the big “party” scene in the beginning of EWS featuring food and drink (which I will interpret shortly), but there’s also a “party” going on in the big ballroom being attended by waitstaff in The Shining as we saw previously.

Are there any refrigerators to be found associated with the ballroom sequence in The Shining? Indeed, there is. And not only refrigerators, but we also have “high voltage” signs as referenced in an earlier blog post examining the movie Snake Eyes. And not only refrigerators and high voltage signs, but we also have underground bases or installations as described in Part 4 (notice our blue synchronicity again with Snake Eyes).

Related frames from these sequences hinting at government/military involvement with these below ground facilities and pedophilia network. I would also guess the “X marks the spot” suggests a location on a map. Possibly under mountains in Colorado due to the shape of the box resembling that state along with previous mountain imagery.

So, when analyzing this sequence, we also get back to the symbolism of the “delivery stickers” on the Nipped in the Bud flower shop suggesting a global operation. Since the refrigerator and high voltage signs seen in the “boiler room” suggest transport by freighter from distant foreign locales.

It may be transport to and from. There is a tropical/bamboo looking plant you see on the left. Like I’ve said my knowledge of details is not good, but one of the stories I think making the rounds was Jeffrey Epstein had a private island somewhere. So, the symbolism could be indicating underage children picked up from Southeast Asia or the likes or dropped off on tropical islands, or both.

Probably a little hard to see in the superimposed still image because there’s so much on screen, however as this scene unfolds the impression given is Wendy is walking around the “party” with a clipboard taking “menu orders” from the guests and then arrives at the fridge to fulfill them.

To me the symbolism suggests travel by ship because of the large “engine room” and it’s “below deck” (You also have Wendy “swaying” to one side). The symbolism could also be doubling like much of Kubrick’s and he’s implying both ship and plane, with the “below deck” referring to the sex dungeons being underground.

Now, we’ve examined the details of these frames, but the overall impression seems to be one of Kubrick trying to open the door for us – to Room 237, Apollo Studios/Secret Bases, Sex Slaves – and show us the world the “Elites” occupy (The Party).

And this world can drive a person a little nutty since there doesn’t appear to be any “logic” to what they do. Hence the numerous references to Alice in Wonderland which is another place where reason disappears. As you see with Wendy (Alice) next to a door that’s way too small and Jack going a bit mental – as well as Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

Notice the half-naked child in bed and what could be interpreted as an altar or religious sacrifice. The Shining may indeed live up to its advertised billing of “The scariest movie ever made”

This should be another fairly obvious reference to pedophilia if you have heard the term ‘pedobear’ before. The flag is the International Bear Brotherhood Flag from the LGBT community to represent the bear subculture – but since on superimposed edit we have Danny or a little boy, this symbolism seems to hint at man/boy love instead of between adult men:

More refrigerators from The Shining next to actors we discussed resembled the Podesta brothers. On superimposed edit you see the shadow of a child peeking out. Also take note food items “coincidentally” appear on the fridge. We discussed the bottom left image in this blog post.

Not a fridge, but I think the stack of luggage here is interesting as it dissolves into a group of people during transition. These people also appear “short in stature” compared to Jack in the foreground, and we went into exaggerated differences in height with the previous frame and elsewhere.

The symbols on the right side also suggest child sex scandals as you have crosses carved into the wood and a red door that could be interpreted as a confessional booth. And of course an actor resembling a Podesta.

I don’t want to spoil all the fun and not leave secrets for anyone else. But I would guess the following fridge represents something important seeing as how it’s almost a 3rd character with Wendy and Jack in the staging/blocking of the scene.

OK, I will spoil a secret and say I think it also has to do with the Apollo footage. The technical discrepancies in how the astronaut’s backpacks were supposed to theoretically operate. There’s a YouTube video somewhere about this I will try to track down. Cliff notes is ventilation. Which is why I think you see the teapot or a device that releases exhaust pictured. But also probably something to do with pedophilia.

Getting back to Eyes Wide Shut finally. We have another child appearing inside of a refrigerator. And red lights as in the familiar phrase, “Red Light District“. There is also now a number near the fridge that reads, “Booking Fee $15.00”. Kubrick advised look for numbers on the fridge, and although I have no idea what sex with a child would cost, adding a few zeros I’m guessing $15,000 could possibly be near the ballpark?

It’s possible this scene at the costume shop in addition to detailing information about aliens, Area 51 and underground bases, also replays a scenario Kubrick encountered where he was offered underage escorts and how he knows about this. And why we see Cruise unable to complete the “transaction” with the prostitute whose apartment he entered.

This may be a blackmail tool as well, so those “initiated” can never talk. You see the word “oath” appear on the eye chart in Dr. Bill’s office. Coincidentally, we also have a child in this scene. On superimposed edit the actor is most likely who the oaths are sworn to and the “daddy” brought up in Part 4.

During the rest of this refrigerator sequence what appears on screen is Kidman’s imagined affair with a Naval Officer, Cruise in deep contemplation, a love scene superimposed over NY city, negotiations with Russians about packages detailing underage sex, and Asians who are also interested in the material.

I think I’ve laid enough groundwork in previous posts about packages and the abundant Russian/Asian symbolism that my interpretation here won’t seem to come out of left field. Of course, I don’t know the entire story and some things will be missed, but the overall impression seems to be:

Kubrick loves NY/America and what it stands for. Or did stand for. So, the imagined affair with a Naval Officer (government agent) in the past could be a reference to when Kubrick worked with CIA/MI-6 (this collaboration was mentioned way back in Part 1) on the hoaxed Apollo films. And it’s possible or likely he was “recruited” or “seduced” by a Russian agent to cheat on the West. So, this is an explanation, or one of them, for some of the subtext during the 14-minute long “jealousy” conversation between Alice and Bill (or Kubrick/”daddy” if you want to look at it that way).

So, Kubrick knew about 9/11. Not just through prophecy, or whatever kind of “magic mirror” he used to get this information, but also possibly from military “models” or blueprints seeing as he had contacts high up in intelligence from his Apollo work. This could account for more subtext during the jealousy conversation about “models” and “fucking” (of the American people).

Magic Circles, Kubrick & Nostradamus. Interesting article here.

Now, that’s quite a predicament to be in. And I think why we see Cruise deep in contemplation. So, Kubrick knows this horrible thing is going to happen. But he’s actually in a strange position where he can do something about it with previous foreign intelligence flirtation. Some people might argue he must do something there really is no choice. However, as we see in the movie, bodies show up in morgues when he starts reaching out.

Who do you turn to though? America is over and done with as an entity when mass murder of civilians becomes acceptable. Note the oven symbolism next to the TV in our refrigerator sequence. Which could be a comparison to the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. We also looked at Nazi arm gestures in Part 4. And if you’re not familiar with Operation Paperclip it’s almost essential reading. Screenshots from Bug (2006) (and more blue):

Who can take up the reigns and lead the world where it needs to go? And I think this is why we see Russian and Asian symbolism heavy in this scene and throughout the entire film. Especially the toy store at the end where you have bears associated with Russia and tigers with Asia. You even have mention in the dialogue about what to do.

I’m not going to fully speculate on what happened right now. Because among other reasons that would ruin any kind of suspense for my remaining posts. Another reason being I have no clue, yet. But the answer could lie in one of the other symbols abundant throughout the film. The “Under the Rainbow” motif.

It’s not just the name of the costume shop, but you also have multi-colored Christmas lights featured throughout. As well as “arches” appearing in paintings and other places. I did finally find a Snoopy image you see circled. However, I think the curtains are meant to convey the rainbow symbolism in that scene.

There also seems to be signaling to the “China” style mug Kidman does similar to the milk. Note the panda too. These may be references to space exploration though since we see a Snoopy and the color yellow symbolism talked about in Part 1

What I can say now about what the “Under the Rainbow” symbolism might mean is similar to how we reasoned out the plants on the fridge last time. In the above images we have rainbows appearing in homes and with children. So, Kubrick might be concerned about the home his children will grow up in.

Maybe he’d like them to be influenced by everyone “Under the Rainbow”(aliens included) instead of a lone misguided “daddy” or someone with a serious case of “magusitis” who believes they’re the singular Wizard of OzTo paraphrase Seth again, not only do we create our own realities, but we also collectively create what we experience.

Kubrick’s wife mentions in this interview to be very wary of people who crave power. And I think one of the main problems as shown in the beginning, most of these “power brokers” operate from the shadows. So, many aren’t even aware of whose bidding they’re doing. Of course, like always this surely has multiple meanings and I’m just hoping to get one right. (The Philadelphia Experiment was also known as Project Rainbow, and I’ve seen hints to that in other movies as well).

As far as refrigerators, that about does it though. I do want to share a couple final images and wrap up some loose ends. So, then in Part 6 we can start fresh with analyzing the “Party” sequence detailing the specifics of the 9/11 plot.

So, we started this article talking about AI and blue fairies, and at the end of the last blog post we covered cartoon images and princesses. We also talked a bit about Apollo symbolism or the space program in Breaking Bad (as well as other places like Lost and Tarantino films).

And as you can see in this freeze frame from AI occurring just before the 9:11 time stamp we have more princesses and what could be a tie in to images from Season 3 of Breaking Bad.

Some people may be skeptical I’m just pulling random images here to fit a narrative. However, I believe the following scene from the “I.F.T.” episode of Breaking Bad ties everything together nicely and leaves little doubt what’s actually being discussed.

It takes place at the 42:00 minute mark – a number that’s almost become synonymous with Kubrick. This is also Season 3 Episode 3, and like the number 23 in occult lore, 33 is also highly significant among certain secret societies like the Freemasons with many Apollo and Mercury astronauts having Masonic ties.

Here’s the 42-minute mark. And hey, would you look at that? Eerily similar imagery to The Shining. Could be coincidence though so let’s back up a little and see what we find.

On the left is where the scene starts. At least with 2 actors on screen. 41:42. Nothing too suspicious about that. What does raise questions is the time on the clock 11:42. Hmm. Wonder what that could mean? Well, at 42:11 in the right frame is when Skylar starts her approach towards Beneke.

Something is being said about 42:11 and 11:42. Possibly Apollo 11? That sure was a “giant first step or leap” Skylar took on her way over to Ted. Very interesting her attire and the copier as well. Black/white. Do we know anyone who used those colors in the credits for their movies? Apollo 11 is also probably the most famous black and white movie ever made.

I happen to think this lounge also bears a striking similarity to the lounge at The Overlook Hotel in The Shining (or at least similar in filming angle and how it’s furnished):

Still could be coincidence. So, let’s roll the tape a bit more.

OK. The camera switches from Skylar to Ted at 42:14. Was the number 14 significant in the Apollo program? Could be reference to Apollo 14 as that’s considered by many the smoking gun evidence of a hoax, where we see the two lights reflected in Edgar Mitchell’s visor:

That’s also some strange body language by Beneke. It’s almost like he’s drawing our attention to his left arm. Edgar Mitchell was also a lefty. Let’s keep going though because it could still be coincidence.

42:24 on the left. That’s 42 forwards and backwards. That’s weird. Now Ted’s eyes are almost shut, but almost wide open. Like his eyes are wide shut or something. 42:42 on the right. Houston, we have landing. Coincidence. All coincidence.

The last thing I want to address before we get too far into this. I gave an analysis above about the costume shop and packages concerning pedophilia. But I also said this symbolism doubled to detail information about Roswell and aliens. This multi-meaning imagery has been talked about as well with the color turquoise and some of the subtext to the dialogue in the “jealousy” conversation.

And in my opinion, this is happening quite a bit throughout the film. Where even within the same scene actors can be serving dual roles to communicate information simultaneously. Much like how the movie can be watched both forwards and backwards at the same time revealing a new dimension.

To say it makes analysis or interpretation difficult is an understatement. And why this has been slow going for the most part. But this is also the beauty of symbolism as talked about some in this blog post where I mentioned we all have our own personal symbols we choose to work with, and these personal symbols change over time.

So, in the screen below Cruise is on his way to the costume shop after receiving the “Fidelio” password from Nick Nightingale at the Sonata Bar.

Now, it’s hard to look at that image without getting the feeling we’re being told something. But what that something is depends on what we’re looking for. Which highlights the message I concluded Part 4 with.

If we’re looking for a location (which I was after concluding the scene with Nick Nightingale was coded talk about aliens – naturally I wondered where are they?), this street could easily take on the characteristics of a “map”. With each building having its own personality.

The dialogue didn’t specifically mention places on earth, it just said, “It’s in a different location every time.” So, the suggestion about locations had been given in the previous scene and then I let my unconscious do the rest. Very hypnotic in a way as talked about with my eyesight healing. The suggestion can be given, but it’s up to us to accept it. (It helps if the suggestion is from a director everyone hails as a genius among geniuses).

I’d also like to talk more about hypnosis down the road because I think there’s a lot of misconceptions about it being dangerous and associated with brainwashing and cults, or the opposite end of the spectrum with people who say it doesn’t work or is ineffective. One of the main things to understand though, is a suggestion will never be accepted if it doesn’t fit with the beliefs that person holds. And how and why people hold beliefs is just way too much to get into here.

So, anyways. Right in the middle we have the words “sewing thread”. On its own this doesn’t really trigger much. But if we take in the rest of the symbols they seem to “add up” or give a sum greater than its parts. The building closest obviously has a Hispanic flavor to it. And we notice compared to the “busy” decor here, the sewing thread building seems barren in comparison almost suggesting “desert” symbolism.

Again, if we try to reason this out like we did with the plants and rainbows. We literally have different locations with their own unique decor or characteristics. Some might even say “places on a map”. So, are there any barren desert locales associated with sewing?

Indeed, there is if you are familiar with Utah and the Church of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. One of the unique things associated with this religion are temple garments or Mormon underwear. Some people jokingly refer to as “magic underwear”.

OK. So, if the middle building is meant to represent the state of Utah, then the building to the right covered on the front in white paint could be seen to represent the “snow” covered mountains of Colorado. We even have a ski trail of Christmas lights weaving its way down from the top through trees to an area where pescado (Spanish for fish) are found in lakes at the base of mountains.

Well, what’s on the other side of Utah when we look on a map? Nevada, right? And so, the building we see there has tons of different colored neon lights – exactly what we find on the Las Vegas Strip. So, it now becomes apparent our Hispanic themed Caffe Da Emilio is the state of Arizona.

But that’s not where our cab drops Dr. Bill off though, as we see in the next frame. It’s the state below Colorado and East of Arizona – New Mexico. Which I’m pretty sure everyone knows is where Roswell and Area 51 (and aliens) are found.

All right, that took a bit longer than expected. And I was going to save that interpretation for later, but I had brought up a couple times that’s what I thought the symbolism meant and wanted to “show” and not just “tell”. One of the things I’m becoming increasingly frustrated about with other people – “Oh, we love your work!” But as they say in Jerry Maguire:

In addition, I didn’t want people to start accusing me of saying things meant one thing to a prove a certain point and then changing my interpretation later when making a different point. Another thing I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with – constant reneging on previous agreements.

And so, I wanted to have that explanation in the same article as the underage sex interpretation. So, they’re both here and I haven’t “waffled” in what I believe they represent. I’m not saying I have all the answers or a complete explanation, but I feel these are at least 2.

Some people may feel bringing up money is crass with the Jerry Maguire reference. I was going to apologize for the length of this article, but it very well be my last, so I wanted to go out with a bang. Unfortunately, I’m just a normal guy with normal bills to pay and not independently wealthy. So, unless I can generate some kind of income with this I’m going to have to do something else.

Moving on though, we still haven’t officially made it 3 minutes into Eyes Wide Shut in a straightforward manner. We sure have analyzed a lot of film though. I guess you could say we went down a bunch of little rabbit holes along the way.

Since I included a montage of white rabbits at the end of Part 4, I’ll go ahead and include one this time about the Nike vortex I promised we’d jump into. I’ll definitely be in hot water after that discussion, but after this post I’m not sure there’s anyone left in the world who’s not mad at me:

So, the first image below is the fridge where I said there was definitely stuff other than my initials. And one of the other things is also in the letters if we take a closer look.

Generally, but also more specifically if we group them by matching colors. So, the J is red (me being all alone in hot water like I mentioned – or hot as in the Fire Snake). The blue letters give us YN or yes/no symbolism (which could be a Ouija board connection with Seth). The yellow letters are interesting as we get SLC or Salt Lake City, Utah we just talked about.

The green by itself, I’m not sure yet with HF. This could mean high frequency and relate to UFOs and the black triangles mode of transport we talked about, since that grouping of FSH does seem to form a triangular shape high above.

Anyways, more generally what we seem to have is blue/red on one side and yellow/green on the other. And as mentioned in the second screen below there seems to be a “swoosh” with the yellow/green taking on Oregon Duck symbolism which could be associated with Nike and Phil Knight.

(Interesting too is Danny’s nickname of “Doc” in The Shining. He’s also referred to as “Mango Head” in the novel and Thailand is known as “The Big Mango”).

Eyes Wide Shut (1999), The Cooler (2003), The Shining (1980), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), The Truman Show (1998), The Fugitive (1993), Dumb and Dumber (1994), Lost S01E02 (2004), There’s Something About Mary (1998), Back to the Future (1985)

Shouldn’t need to explain why my initials are in red/blue because it’s plainly obvious I’m Superman as explained below at the end of Kill Bill Vol 2 (2004). (Of course, I joke – sort of. Because I do believe we all have an “inner superman” or unique greatness that nobody else can teach us how to express I talked about here.)

That’s all folks. Hopefully, circumstances will change to where this can be continued. As of now, I’m sure some people will claim I’m crazy. Or this is complete nonsense. Either way, as long as a few say this I’ll be happy:

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