This is probably going to be my last blog post for a little while for several reasons. Similar to how the symbolism in these movies I’ve been analyzing seems to serve multiple purposes. One of the things I’m doing is taking a big trip out West (again). So, check the map on my contact page to see if I might be in your area. (Hopefully, I’ll also have some new travel photos and videos).

In part 1 of the Eyes Wide Shut analysis I brought up the idea Stanley Kubrick may have known about 9/11 before it happened. And the first title card you see for that blog post with the two faces obscuring the camera lens is from 9 minutes and 11 seconds into that film. (Symbolic of a cover-up or “the wool being pulled over people’s eyes”).

Much like Part 1 of the Jackie Brown analysis though, I think there’s several themes Kubrick is working with in addition to the 911 symbolism, and I believe it actually all ties together and tells a very personal story of his struggle to share this knowledge.

And so the title card featured for this blog post with Tom Cruise being backed into a “plant”, relates to one of the other topics I feel is being discussed – aliens – with the plant used as symbolism for “little green men”.

Many people have interpreted this film to be about the inner workings of “secret societies”, and I would agree with them. In fact, I believe during this opening sequence, in Dr. Bill and Alice’s residence, Kubrick shows us with visual imagery all the main “players” or ideas that are involved in the drama that follows.

So, as I mentioned we have the “plant” or “little green men” (which will end up being a symbol that gets reused throughout the movie as you will see in the collages I put together similar to the NFL team logos in Jackie Brown), but I want to go back to the first frame after the opening credits and start the introductions to the characters there.

So, the first obvious symbol in this frame is the actress Nicole Kidman. And I believe she represents several things here. The first being “secret societies” as her and her husband Tom Cruise were well-known Scientologists at the time the movie was filmed. After filming, Kubrick’s daughter Vivian actually joined Scientology, however, I’ll get into secret societies in a few frames as I believe it’s the primary symbolism there.

In this screen though, I feel the primary symbolism has to do with 9/11 and war. And I believe the rest of the movie documents Kubrick’s attempt to prevent it from happening. The reason this image suggests 9/11 to me has to do with the “two twin towers” on each side of the foreground. Nicole Kidman is also a “towering beauty” with “two” long legs. (I believe the body language with her arms is also meant to convey the “wings” of an airplane, which while subtle here, is very obvious in frames we’ll look at in the future).

The location we are shown appears to be inside a high-rise building. You have red curtains hanging in the background reminding me of “red warning flags”, with red also being the color of blood. There’s a couple of tennis rackets in the corner possibly suggesting the idea of war being a “racket” these secret societies profit from. And of course the shoes from dead soldiers have always been valuable during wars and there’s the well-known wartime phrase of “boots on the ground”.

Mirror symbolism recurs throughout the film and I feel this is meant to communicate many things depending on the scene. Here, where it’s surrounded by war imagery it makes me think of the judo technique of using someone’s own aggression against themselves. These secret societies try to reflect your gaze or focus back on yourself instead of keeping a careful eye on them.

This is obviously not Eyes Wide Shut, but Meet the Parents (2000). The material can get pretty dark though, so I’m going to try to lighten the mood a bit where I can. And like we saw with Forrest Gump in Part 1, even though a work may be titled a “comedy” or “fiction”, the knowledge it contains can be just as helpful depending on how it’s used.

In the second sequence of EWS shown below, I think Kubrick continues to hint at themes of 9/11. After the opening scene and a temporary fade to black (which could be a foreshadowing of dark things ahead) we’re shown a street level view of New York.

The superimposed forwards/backwards images haven’t been included so far, but I did for this image and I will for others where I think Kubrick is trying to draw attention to certain things like he did with the credits that resembled a Rorschach ink blot test.

Here, the credits are for songs or music that appear in the film. And if we listen to the sounds that play over the street level view of New York, they include the very distinct and prominent sounds of sirens from emergency vehicles.

Remember, Kubrick was known to have his actors play the same scene hundreds of times to get it just how he wanted. So, if something is included in the film, it’s probably there for a reason. It would have been very easy to get a street level shot of New York without sirens in the background.

So, so far, we have tall high-rise buildings and tower symbolism, blackness, the streets of NY and emergency sirens.

The next frame also features plenty of “darkness” or blackness, and this is where I feel Kubrick is introducing the players in this drama – the secret societies – the “darkness” representing the shadows from where they operate.

You even have a set of golf “clubs” in a similarly strategically placed spot as we saw with the “rackets” in the first scene. These secret societies are closed “clubs”. As George Carlin famously said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.

I can’t recommend watching this George Carlin clip on YouTube enough (click the image):

Speaking of genius from the past (if you believe in linear time), and keeping an eye on people – Bob Dylan/Jimmy Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” is another masterpiece:

OK. So, I want to elaborate a little more on these “secret societies” at this point (as much as I can), since I believe Kubrick has in his past movies as well as in the next frame we’re going to take a look at.

Now, I’ve commented on my blog before (“The Way Towards Health – The Medicine of Laughter” – when discussing the Dave Chappelle conspiracy), I’ve never been affiliated with any secret societies, and actually I have a policy against secrets Terrance McKenna shared and talked about in this lecture on Youtube:

“I have a rule. Which is: I’m against any group which keeps secrets. And Gurdjieffians keep secrets. I’m not against Gurdjieffians per se. And in fact, it’s kind of too bad they get into the category. But secret keeping is a bad habit. And if you tell me a secret I’ll probably tell it. Nobody ever told me not to say anything.”

You can read my reasoning for this stance in the blog post mentioned. The only “Oath” I’ve ever taken is the Hippocratic Oath of, “Do No Harm”, when becoming a doctor. And actually, I didn’t attend graduation ceremonies so never verbalized this mantra, however I am not a practicing physician in the traditional sense so the point is moot.

Anyways, not being part of the “in crowd” or any “secret clubs”, all I can offer as far as insight, is what I’ve read in books or “intuited” from the images in these films we’re studying.

So, I already mentioned how in the opening scene I believe Kubrick specifically chose Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise to star in this film to symbolize the concept of secret societies since they were well known Scientologists at the time and Scientology is one of the more well-known secret societies.

Scientology is not the only group that keep secrets though. As you can see in this screenshot from a little later on (46:24) the imagery suggests a whole group or “club” of Yale alumni who seem to be on the attack towards the protagonist of the movie, Dr. Bill.

Well, most people are aware “Skull and Bones” is the secret society affiliated with Yale. There was even a mainstream Hollywood movie titled The Skulls (2000) portraying them in fictionalized form. The second screenshot pictured here (22:32), I believe is also referring to “Skull and Bones”, as the color of the shower curtain pictured is “powder blue” which is a color associated with Yale.

You also see Nicole Kidman making a “W” gesture with her hands here which is doubly interesting considering George “W” Bush (Yale Alumni) had yet to be elected (this film was released in 1999). 2000 was also the year of the “hanging chad” election with the state in question, Florida, being governed by George’s brother Jeb. (I believe there may even be hints a little later on of presidencies being lined up or “awarded” many years ahead of time).

Also, interesting, but not directly related to Eyes Wide Shut is an explanation of a Nostradamus Quatrain, Century VII-41, from Conversations with Nostradamus Vol. 1 talking about a “hung election” (page 152):

The bones of the feet and the hands locked up,

Because of the noise the house is uninhabited for a long time.

Digging in dreams they will be unearthed,

The House healthy and inhabited without noise.

“There will be a time in another period of great social unrest, even more major than the social unrest that occurred during the Vietnam era, to where due to a-the concept he’s trying to put across is a combination of two concepts that cannot be explained in one or two words. He first shows the concept of a hung jury, so that a sentence cannot be decided upon in court, but he’s applying that concept to an election. A hung election with the nation being the hung jury, and with the vote being very finely divided between two different men for president.

The electoral college will not be able to make the decision either because the vote will be so even, so finely divided throughout the entire nation, that it will temporarily freeze the processes of democracy. The hands and feet, the very core of the operation, that is the election, will be locked up, frozen. He says the people will be clamoring for whichever candidate they voted for and it will cause a great noise across the entire nation. It will be a touchy subject due to the world situation in general at the time.

Thus, if one or the other candidate is put in office it would be at the risk of causing another civil war or at least a revolution. He says it will be a time of great social pressure, social unrest, and even more explosive than during the Vietnam era. It will be a while before they, work out a compromise and hold another election to come up with a candidate acceptable to all, one who can be installed in the White House without the threat of all the noise and confusion and such caused by a revolution or a civil war or what-have-you.”

Conversations with Nostradamus Vol 1 was first published in 1989, so if you didn’t believe in prophecy after the recent Jackie Brown post, then now might be a good time to start.  And I bring up Jackie Brown again, because the next secret society that I think needs to be mentioned alongside Scientology and Skull and Bones, is one that might be a little less well known, but might also be referred to that film.

Scientology has long been associated with Hollywood and celebrities, but recently in 2011 Charlie Sheen began to claim AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult, and has been operating in Hollywood (from

“The latest news on Charlie Sheen is BIG news.  He has publicly called AA a cult, indicated that it’s been screwing up his life for 22 years, and that it has control over his family.  These latest comments have brought things to a true tipping point.  He’s being universally attacked as a crazy person for criticizing AA, and no one in the major media seems to have the slightest interest in investigating his claims.  I contend that Sheen’s comments are 100% correct.”

Now, I would say that’s a pretty well-kept secret society. Because I brought up my medical education earlier and the Hippocratic Oath. Part of that training was attending an AA meeting, however I never really understood what the big fuss was about.

I also kind of never understood Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange. Other than it obviously had something to do with mind control. But after reading more about AA and going back to look at the symbolism, I started seeing lots of references.

The AA seems pretty obvious in the poster for A Clockwork Orange. The second screen is from Jackie Brown (1:08:48), and while it may be a stretch, I find the logos for Arista and Motown interesting. And for a real stretch you can view the WikiLeaks FBI pedophile symbols at the following website, but I do feel Kubrick addresses that subject shortly:

Then after reading through reviews of books on Amazon similar to Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure? and The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry where reviewers seemed to make similar remarks about “eye opening” or “gutless” or “phantom menace”, it became clear Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange was dealing with secret societies in addition to other themes.

People have written entire books about secret societies though, and there’s still several players in this drama that need to be introduced. So, I’ll refer you to one of the experts on the subject. Alex Jones, I know talks about some of the other groups like the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission, and I think David Icke may as well.

I’ve already recommended the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast featuring Alex Jones (episode 911), and I’d recommend it again here, as some of the topics they discuss, such as the high level pedophilia rings, I believe may also be suggested in the symbolism of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining.

However, I did feel it was necessary to explore these secret clubs a bit and establish it as a theme Kubrick is working with. They do seem to go hand in hand though – secret societies/aliens.

But before moving on, I have brought up The Exorcist before in part 1 of the Jackie Brown analysis. William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist, created a more recent film titled Bug (2006) with Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon. If you enjoy themes of mind control, secret conspiratorial groups and the supernatural that Kubrick covers, then you surely enjoy Bug as well.

I know I mentioned I used the title card featuring the plant or “little green men” for Part 2 was because I was going to get into aliens, but this post has gotten a little longer than anticipated and there’s still a few things to cover before that comes up.

This seems like a good place to break though. So, thanks for reading and Part 3 Continues here.