This was originally written as a reply on Reddit to a McKenna thread in the Occult forums, and also a response to a discussion taking place in the critical thinking forums about a week ago.

Figured this was a good spot for it since the subject of time is covered at length in Vol. 1 of Fire Power: Bending Reality with Movie Symbolism, and I may include this short essay as part of the introduction of Vol. 2 in order to get readers up to speed.

Was actually planning to write a bit about McKenna if funding for a Kickstarter ever came in, but not sure when that’ll happen. Also, wanted to share a few observations about time in relation to the Kyle Odom manifesto. (Odom is the ex-Marine who shot a pastor because he thought he was a Martian a couple years ago. Link to manifesto. There’s also other occult stuff like telepathy, psychokinesis, meditation and out of body).

Anyways, time has come up a lot recently in my work with movie symbolism. I think Stanley Kubrick may have known about 9/11 beforehand. I also linked to a video where Back to the Future predicts 9/11Forrest Gump and Existenz also discuss free will and destiny.

I’ve mentioned prophecies in a several places I want to get more into, but time is important because I think the Timewave Zero theory is the only thing a lot of people know about McKenna, and they look at it like the Mayan 2012 prophecies with nothing happening and dismiss it all.

I would argue McKenna’s prediction was right and I’ll show in the context of a few other predictions in a second, but boiled down to it’s simplest explanation Timewave Zero Theory says time is speeding up. One of the best things about McKenna though is the way he describes things, so I would encourage watching the video.

If we understand what time really is though we can see why his theory could never been proven by science and it’s just something you “know” and why he needed intuition or I Ching divination to explain it.

Here’s a couple quotes from Seth about time and unconscious knowledge:

“Time is a creative construct. Time and space are in a fashion part of the furniture of your universe.” Sess. 882

“When, at this point now, of mankind’s development, his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them. Cult after cult will emerge, each unrestrained by the use of reason, because reason will have denied the existence of rampant unconscious knowledge, disorganized and feeling only its own ancient force.” Sess. 687

So, the mind created time as a tool. The unconscious mind knows this and the unconscious told McKenna and how he knows. You can’t do science on time speeding up though because time is just an idea or imaginary construct. It would be like trying to do science on your dreams which are also just ideas or imaginary constructs. (Not saying useful things can’t be done with dreams, just that our use of the term ‘science’ needs to expand.)

Anyways, Seth also does say time appears to be speeding up though:

“The species – from your point of view – lived at a much slower pace in those terms. The blood, for example, did not need to course so quickly through the veins (and arteries), the heart did not need to beat as fast.

In ways almost impossible to describe, the ground rules were not as yet firmly established. Gravity itself did not carry its all-pervasive sway, so that the air was more buoyant.” – Sess. 893

This passage is interesting as well because it sounds like it could have something to do with the apple in the Garden of Eden and how there used to be much looser association with the physical environment and a dreamier atmosphere, and then the apple would represent our experiment or “descent” into the physical world.

What’s also a little strange is there’s almost a bias against paranormal or outside of normal viewpoints of time. People on the whole accept all kinds of paranormal things, but if it has anything to do with time, like prophecies or knowing the future, there’s almost a built-in bias I want to call “The Destiny Dealbreaker”.

(According to Gallop Polls – 75% of the US population profess to at least 1 paranormal belief with 22% believing in 5 or more phenomena.)

So, somehow McKenna unconsciously knows through I Ching divination that something is going to happen around 2012. He tries to use Science terminology to explain how he knows this to normal people, but like we said it’s like trying to use Science on a dream.

McKenna wasn’t the only one saying something was happening around that time though. Obviously, you have the Mayan prophecies, but Edgar Cayce predicted around 1998 a Second Coming of Christ as being “an internal, psychic event within the individual seeker” (and sometimes as the actual return of Jesus Christ in particular).

The Spectra intelligence associated with Uri Geller predicted something around 2020. Seth also predicted a “third personality of Christ” with a date range of 1975-2075. So, a prediction of 2012 falls within that range, so does 1998 and 2020. There was also a “Virgin Mary” in 1996:

If this is more like dreams though with unconscious knowledge, it makes sense there’d be a range of dates and some distortions. This can also be seen in the Nostradamus books I think.

And I’ve also noticed when trying to interpret some of Nostradamus’ other prophecies, what was vague at first seemed to become clearer later on like Quatrain Century V-75 which initially I thought could be Ted Turner or Donald Trump, but now makes more sense as Phil Knight: “He will rise high over his wealth, more to the right…”

This passage of time has also led to second guessing my Kickstarter a little where I speculated McKenna could be the reincarnation of John the Baptist. One of my reasons for thinking that was from interpreting the Seth prophecy about a third personality of Christ where he says:

“The historical Jesus knew who he was, but he also knew that he was one of three personalities composing one entity. To a large extent he shared the memory of the other two… The third personality has not in your terms yet appeared…A certain historical continuity will be maintained. As happened once before.”

The part where he says “a certain historical continuity will be maintained” – is what made me think if last time Christ was here he was 3 people – and if a “continuity” was going to be maintained – it’s likely he could come back again as multiple people.

And McKenna seemed a good usual suspect for a prophetic type character since John the Baptist was known for announcing Jesus before his arrival. McKenna is kind of doing the same thing here saying, “this big event in the mind (timewave) is going to happen soon”.

He was also big on “baptizing” people into the way of the mushroom and altered states.

However, the more I look into Stanley Kubrick, he seems to fit the role of John the Baptist as well with his films introducing or baptizing people into the occult world of the elites. The mystery surrounding Kubrick’s death also matches well with John the Baptist symbolically losing his head.

So, these are not claims I’m making. These are just prophecies or predictions of others I’m trying to interpret.

As far as the Odom manifesto, I think we see the time bias again. Early on he’s given hints with newspaper headlines of “Psychic Reading”, but at no point for the rest of the story does he question how time works. However, he does question every other aspect of existence even Martian amphibian people.

My take on first glance is someone did do a psychic reading on him and the hand gun shooting gestures from colleagues were not an attempt to create the next school shooter, but to warn him of his own future.

If I remember right he says most of the problems started after he quit the genetics program. I’m guessing someone was trying to figure out if it was worth their time to convince him not to quit, and so they had a peek at his future.

Word got around and then colleagues are showing up with shooting gestures, “psychic reading” headlines, and other displays of paranormal powers. The use of telepathy isn’t questioned as far as I remember and even psychokinetic effects around his genitals and anus is written about.

Many other occult topics are also accepted, including meditation leading to out of body states, shapeshifting, aliens, etc in addition to telepathy and psychokinesis, but there still seems to be a time bias about future events.

One of the things I think they instructed him to do was “surrender”. Surrender for what? A shooting they saw him commit in the future from a “psychic reading”? Probably why no one would hire a guy either with something like that in the cards.

I think this also explains the behavior of the being he met while out of body who said, “You shouldn’t be here!” at the beginning. One possible explanation was he agreed to something before incarnating into this life.

Maybe an extreme scenario he wanted to experience, but then started to have second thoughts. And meditation would have lead him away from that path and what he initially agreed to do or learn in this lifetime. So, they blocked his attempts at it.

It’s interesting because Seth also mentions future incarnations being blocked from us despite the profound changes in consciousness we’re supposed to experience:

“Slayers and victims will change roles as reincarnational memories rise to the surface of consciousness…But for some time, future incarnations will still be hidden for practical reasons.”

Easy to imagine the temptations knowledge of a future life would bring.

The Odom case I think also demonstrates the Seth quote at the beginning about, “emerging unconscious knowledge denied by institutions”. Our imaginations are amazing, and while maybe not everything claimed to be happening was, with a list so long surely at least a couple were.

As a personal anecdote only, and not submitted as evidence of anything, I also got the impression some people in Thailand were using telepathy and psychokinesis on a recent trip there similar to what Odom describes.

Walking past a massage parlor and out of the blue a kink would develop in my neck. Or street food stalls with smells that seemed to seek me out and suspiciously waft in my direction. Or private areas of the body targeted when passing by night clubs. Could have been imagination. But could also be advertising.

And so, closing on the topic of imagination here’s one last quote from Seth:

“The idea of a meaningless universe, however, is in itself a highly creative imaginative act. Animals, for example, could not imagine such an idiocy, so that the theory shows the incredible accomplishment of an obviously ordered mind and intellect that can imagine itself to be the result of non-order, or chaos.”


For those skeptical of psychic readings being performed in a scientific or academic setting when Odom was working in genetics I would just say look no further than Robert Lanza. M.D working in the field of cloning and cell biology who’s also the author of Biocentrism. (Take note of the occult dragonfly symbolism if you do read).

I also believe cloning and genetics are topics covered through hidden symbolism in the films of Stanley Kubrick and others. However, that’s obviously too much to get into here.


Here’s some more evidence in support of McKenna’s increasing novelty or time speeding up from Conversations with Nostradamus Vol. 1 p. 298:

“The genius will come the second generation after the Anti-Christ, in the mid-21st century. If you will observe your history, the development of your civilization and the development of technology has been increasing and happening at an ever faster rate. Like going up a pyramid. The higher up the pyramid you go, the faster things and new inventions come. And this trend will continue. Things will be changing so much that technology will be in a constant state of flux. He says you seem to think this is far in the future, and you forget you’re at the end of the 20th century now. You will be living in the 21st century. It’s not that far off.”

Also, for some interesting reading related to Seth’s claims of “gravity not holding it’s all pervasive sway” that it does now, here’s an article discussing the enormous size of the dinosaurs possibly being the result of weaker gravity.