Of course, this is a play on the, “He who has the gold makes the rules” aphorism for those not familiar.

And the idea of an earthquake machine is not mine, but rather comes from a Nostradamus Quatrain.


The Sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, there will be a great earthquake;

The great theater full up will be ruined.

Darkness and trouble in the air, on sky and land,

When the infidel calls upon God and the Saints.

I’ll quote the full explanation of an earthquake machine described in the book Conversations with Nostradamus Vol. 1 in a second. However, first I’m going to have to do some heavy prefacing of what’s to follow.

In the name of full disclosure, I’m just a normal regular everyday guy. I have no platform or funding. Not an operative of any intelligence agencies, governments or otherwise. I take no sides in any conflict other than the side attempting to find a solution.

Which will become self-evident as I tell this story, as I’m relying on little more than general awareness of the world, and connecting dots in conventional (and sometimes unconventional) ways.

For those who may be impressed (or horrified) with what I’m about to describe, I’d like to throw out another quote from Stanley Kubrick’s acceptance speech of the DW Griffith Award. He’s talking about the Icarus myth, wondering whether the moral of the story should be:

“Don’t try to fly too high”, or

“Forget the wax and feathers, and do a better job on the wings.”

So, if I appear to know what I’m doing here, it’s because I’m riding on the wings of a pretty good architect (talking Larry David ‘pretty good’ here, not just any ordinary pretty good).

I also want to draw attention to the fact this write-up will be much more rushed than normal. Since, I try to get what I feel is important information out as soon as possible.

It’s not going to be complete is what I’m getting at. For that reason, but also as mentioned, I’m not privy to the inner circle geopolitical strategy meetings of world leaders.

And some pieces of the puzzles will surely seem ‘wobbly’. I’m going to go ahead and share what I have though. Even if I agree the fit might not be perfect. Because I also feel enough of the ‘skeleton’ has been unearthed that something meaningful can be made of it.

This concept of ill-fitting pieces also gives me a chance to demonstrate ‘place holder answers’ I’ve talked about before (Videocast #2 is one of them), and clear up some murkiness I had with interpretations I proposed back in Part 1 of my Eyes Wide Shut analysis.

I don’t think any of the explanations I offered were “wrong” per se. There was just a nagging feeling I kept having about the yellow symbolism in relation to the Volkswagen Beetle and 2001. The best word would probably be uncomfortable.

And now, I think I may know why. The explanation wasn’t ‘big’ enough. It didn’t fit. A partial match, but somehow I ‘knew’ there was more. And that, for lack of a better word emptiness, is what kept me looking for more. Or a better fit.

OK. Enough with preliminaries.  Better throw up some pictures or the ADD crowd is going to check out. I believe this image sums everything up in a nutshell. And it’s nice for me since Kubrick has literally “framed” this scene with all the important symbols we need to make sense of it.

I’ll just circle the two I feel the entire thing boils down to, and then elaborate further in a bit (color me impressed if you can Sixth Sense it from here). First off though, the full Nostradamus Quatrain and interpretation (Conversations with Nostradamus Vol. 1 pgs. 239-240):


The Sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, there will be a great earthquake;

The great theater full up will be ruined.

Darkness and trouble in the air, on sky and land,

When the infidel calls upon God and the Saints.

B: He says this one has a multiple meaning. Such ones are easy enough to interpret into multiple meanings because of the disasters that happen from time to time n earth’s history. He says one of the minor implications of this quatrain has happened in what you would consider the recent past, that is the earthquake in Mexico City (September 1985). But he says that is not the major impetus of the quatrain. This will be an earthquake that will be triggered by a weapon that is currently being developed in secret underground laboratories. He cannot put across the images of how this weapon works, for the concepts are not present in his vocabulary and they’re not present in this vehicle’s vocabulary either. It apparently will be working on some scientific principle recently discovered that has not really been developed yet. So, the concept of it is not generally available to be learned.

D: Does he have any mental pictures that might help us?

B: The only thing he’s putting across clearly is the operating part of this weapon, the part that actually triggers the earthquake. He’s not sure, or rather the concepts are not clear as to whether it is something that is dropped or something that is projected like a laser ray, but whatever the actual operating point of the spear, so to speak, it is airborne. Some extension of the device is carried in a plane and the plane must fly over the area where the earthquake is to be or at least fly over the area where the earthquake must be triggered, regardless of the area the earthquake ends up affecting. But that will not be the entire device. That will simply be like the point of the spear, just the operating part of it. The power behind the weapon and the science behind it will be based in a secret underground laboratory elsewhere. Somehow the power from the underground laboratory will be linked to the airborne device in such a way as to be able to channel it to the desired effect of a triggered earthquake.

Could this possibly be done in some sophisticated way by directing sound waves toward the target?

B: The country that develops this device will be able to hold it as a major threat over the heads of all the major nations. Any nation can be intimidated that has any geological faults in their country that are susceptible to earthquakes. He says it will be very similar to the situation immediately after World War II, of the United States being the only country with nuclear power. This will be a similar advance in weaponry, and the country that develops this will have it to hold over the other countries’ heads. He says the concept of it will be so awe-inspiring and frightening, much the way nuclear power was at first to the world, that it will cause everybody, including the infidels, to call upon the saints for protection.

D: “The great theatre full up will be ruined.”

B: He says due to the development of this weapon and the disintegration of diplomatic relations as a result of this, the United Nations will be dissolved. For this nation will not want to sit down and share this power with the other nations, the way the United States did with nuclear power. Although the United States did it reluctantly, this nation will not even consider the idea. From the concepts he’s putting across, one gets the feeling it might be a nation like Russia, or a nation with the power behind it to have secret military research going on in a big way, on a large scale. The attitude this nation will have is that, “The weapon is mine. I’m going to keep it to myself.” It’s a paranoid nation that will have it and this will cause the disintegration of the United Nations.

D: ‘The sun in 20 degrees of Taurus,” is that when it’s supposed to happen?

B: He says that refers to when the weapon becomes generally known. It’s already in the process of being developed but it’s extremely secret. When it becomes more generally known, it will be that date.

D: The translators think that’s when the earthquake will occur.

B: There will be an earthquake associated with it. That’s how people will come to realize there is something fishy going on. For there will start being a lot of earthquakes without the previous buildup of pressure associated with them. He says one side effect of this weapon is that it will create sufficient instability to set off other earthquakes that are apt to go at any time anyway. He’s picturing the two major fault systems in the United States. One is particularly unstable. The other one stays stable but then is explosive. The San Andreas and the New Madrid faults. He says the earthquakes triggered by this weapon will cause the San Andreas fault to rumble all the time. The New Madrid fault has always been bad to build up the pressure and then explosively quake. So with the San Andreas fault continually rumbling and vibrating it will set off the New Madrid fault in to a major earthquake. When these earthquakes initially start happening the geologists will think it’s by natural causes, but then some of the information will not point to natural causes and they’ll begin to suspect something. As more earthquakes happen, through their science they gather more information and confront the scientific world with the evidence they have that these are not natural earthquakes.

During another session I wanted to find out more about this machine and whether it would be related to the Anti-Christ and the time of troubles.

D: I wanted to ask about the quatrain that dealt with a country that was going to develop an earthquake machine. Also in the same quatrain it said the United Nations would fall apart due to this.

B: He says he remembers interpreting it.

D: Does that happen before or during the time of the Anti-Christ?

B: He says this earthquake device, that this country has for focusing a certain type of energy waves onto certain parts of the earth’s crust to trigger earthquakes, is already in the process of being developed. It will be used during the time of the earth changes to create a lot of the earthquakes. This will be basically before the Anti-Christ comes to power. It will contribute to the United Nations falling apart, and that in turn will make things easier for the Anti-Christ. He says this nation that develops this machine will be developing it independently of the Anti-Christ rising to power, but later on when he takes over a certain amount of power he’ll be able to start acquiring things like this. Then the Anti-Christ will take over this machine and start using it to his own ends.

D: That was what was confusing. I thought if someone had a machine that was so powerful, how could the Anti-Christ take that country over.

B: The Anti-Christ will acquire that machine through guile and trickery, through spies and bribery and all other nefarious means known to man.

This is back to my commentary.

As far as where this article will fit in the overall series, I’m not sure yet. I know I said in the last entry, Part 6, we’d be leaving the party scene in Eyes Wide Shut to explore the remainder of the film. Technically, I didn’t lie. Because at some point we will eventually leave the party. However, there’s several important things I overlooked, or have come up since.

Thinking this will be Part 7 though, and then Part 8 will be a pot-luck of sorts to round up all those stragglers before moving on. This idea of still being at a ‘party’ may be a good mindset to wear though when we start looking into what’s going on (rather than that of being ‘attacked’).

Instead of the Donner Party – a Solution Party. Don’t start eating people. (Spoiler alert) Please, no Soylent Green.

Again, another reminder. The different parts to this story did not come out of thin air. I’m only interpreting and building upon the work of others.

I do try to inject a bit of levity when getting into darker material, this included. So, there will be some extreme speculation at the end I’m sure many will enjoy as ‘ridiculous’. However, for the most part I’ll try to avoid enormous leaps of faith, and stick to connections which can be seen from multiple views or sources.

And so, to save the time of anyone unsure of continuing, I would say if you can’t agree with the following statement in Conversations with Nostradamus pg. 342, then this material probably isn’t for you:

“These men control the whole world situation right now in your time. They are very, very powerful. They are very well hidden, but they control most of the economy of both the known world and the third world. They manipulate different agencies of the U.S. government and other countries, because they have the power to do so. They’re going to create problems, not because they want money they have all the money they could wish for. He’s showing me tons of gold. They [the Cabal] want power and control. These men are the leaders of the world, but you don’t know of them. You don’t even know their names. The media doesn’t know of them. They’re kept clandestine, but they have great influence, especially on the presidents and leaders of the different world governments. In fact, they’re trying to manipulate the government of the Soviet Union to bring another leader into the net. They control part of the media and can do anything they want. Their power is enormous. He’s showing me a picture of the globe with lines on it that he has drawn, and everything is tied together. These men are the movers and shakers of the world. He shows me that they are shaking the world.”

So, before getting into the various parts of this machine Nostradamus talks about (and how it’s being used). Since this is going to be part of the Eyes Wide Shut analysis, here’s some evidence from that film I feel is discussing the dates of 3 different earthquakes in the first 3 photos, and then an overall summary of the entire situation in the last.

One last warning about the structure of this report. New information is coming in as we speak. So, don’t be surprised if things are edited when checking back.

Normally, I also like to sit on highly foreign information for a bit in order to find the best perspective. In this case though, I feel any perspective is better than none seeing as how it concerns everyone.

Now, why do I get the impression this sequence in Eyes Wide Shut is talking about earthquakes? If we look at the time stamps of all 4 frames – we have 15:57, 16:02, 16:04, 16:16. OK. Who cares?

Well, I think anyone watching the film will notice the way Kidman speaks her dialogue in this part of the sequence is peculiar. She seems to emphasize her words…at certain…time intervals. So, I simply noted the times. Again, you say, who cares? (You can click the picture below to watch video of the scene).

Anyways, back to your question of who cares? I would respond with the idea of clues. Maybe you’ve found yourself talking with someone, and notice their voice starts quaking or shaking. That gives you a clue about what’s going on with that person.

So, the same principle applies to Kidman and her speech pattern. Why does she seem to be hitting certain marks with her dialogue? Is she giving us clues here similar to the quivering voice?

And this demonstrates how the discovery of this story is as strange as the story itself. Because who in the world is looking for clues related to earthquakes affecting us now from a movie produced in 1999?

For good or bad that someone is me. Since I had originally read the Nostradamus quatrain back in 2014. But at that time the earthquakes hadn’t happened yet (2015, 2016). So, the idea was in my mind someone might have an earthquake machine, and I guess with the magic of the unconscious somehow the way time normally works has broken down.

While we’re talking about strange sources of power and earthquake weapons, I’d recommend McKenna’s lecture on why the government considers manufacturing a drum full of LSD in your basement the equivalent of a nuclear weapon to their power. Unconventional sources of power are the most dangerous:

“Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

So, when I remark on the strangeness of this story, I’m also trying to draw attention to the fact there’s power in that strangeness (as evidence by earthquakes).

Anyways, we have 3 dates was the premise I was working from – 15:57, 16:02, 16:04, and 16:16.

The minute markers, 15 and 16, I believe are meant to represent the years 2015-2016 as the years when this machine came online. Testing done in 2015, and then fully functional, controlling the world in 2016 as we see in the last screen (16:16).

So, if 15 symbolizes the year 2015, and then we’re looking for a month and day, there was a major 7.1 earthquake in Papua New Guinea on May 7th – 15:57

I’m not an earthquake expert, obviously. Help here would be appreciated. But if we look at what Nostradamus said about a way to tell the unnatural earthquakes from the natural ones, I think he said the fishy ones didn’t have the normal pressure and build up.

And if we look closer at the May 7th Papa New Guinea date, just a couple months previously on March 29th they also had a 7.5. Good place to start an investigation at least for those with the know-how. (I’ll speculate farther on how there may be sound cues or similar).

Additionally, I’ll speculate on the reason for each target in a second, but for now looking at the next ‘date’ of 16:02. The number 2 could be construed as February of 2016 if our 16 holds true. And what we find Feb 6th is a major 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan.

Moving on to 16:04. We’re in a different location now (East/West). There’s a ‘powerful’ figure. And what appears to be a landscape painting of a countryside not uncommonly found in Ecuador. Add it to the pile of coincidences a ‘powerful’ 7.8 quake devastated the coastline there on April 4/16.

(Keep in mind Kubrick’s symbolism is always multi-purpose. So, the scene above is also conveying something else which we’ll get into).

Before attempting to summarize the last frame, I feel a few more details can be seen in the background of the previous ones. Looking at the 15:57 shot, an actor who I interpreted as the elder Bush in part 6 is visible. So, “Papa” Bush is interesting to ponder in conjunction with Papa New Guinea.

I’ll give a proposed timeline of various events surrounding the years up to 9/11, and through these earthquakes in 2015/2016 later on. So, I’d keep in mind the burning lighting set design here could be symbolic of the severe droughts and wildfires in California throughout the 2000’s.

Once again though, the next location of Taiwan could be reinforced. As we now have a view of Bush Jr at the piano. Now, I could be wrong, but as far as I’m aware, I think many in China view Taiwan as their son or ‘junior’.

Taken together as a whole, I also believe some conclusions can be drawn as to why such locations would be selected. The hostility between China and Taiwan is well known. So, their appearance on the list is not unexpected.

Relations with Papa New Guinea on the other hand I have no such knowledge. What I can speculate about though (since it’s fun in a way) is what I would do if I had an earthquake machine.

Especially if one of my potential targets was a neighboring country, and I was unsure how much collateral damage would happen to the fault lines.

I might start looking for countries on the map who might happen to share a similar physical geographical situation. Like the one Papa New Guinea has with Australia if I was trying to calibrate for accuracy.

And then once the accuracy badge was earned, I’d want to test for power. Probably do a little of this, and what we saw in Ecuador (there’s also Chinese interest in Ecuador oil if I’m not mistaken):

So, let me go ahead and try to tell the story I feel is communicated in that fourth and final frame. However, keep in mind a lot of the same themes reappear throughout Kubrick’s work. As mentioned though, this is a rush job, and deeper research still needs to be done. So, this is the bare minimum where I won’t feel like a fool.

This could take a while folks. For those interested in where the title card image is from it’s “Hey Ya” by Outkast. Acoustic version here is also worth checking out. I hope people are getting the song reference outside of the Taurus symbolism – earthquakes/shaking.

This is not just a joking reference either because chemical spraying will come up soon. Sort of expected with Nostradamus commenting about an airborne portion of this weapon. The gray curtains in the 16:16 above should hint at something airborne as well.

Lastly, for any of the intuitives who enjoyed the previous cliffhanger teaser of symbolism. A few images to ponder as far as how this machine works. (I did get a chance to look at some of The Shining. Note the 16 in the dart board (related to 16:16 in Eyes Wide Shut. That flag is also relevant and appears in Danny’s bedroom earlier).

OK. So, I hope that enough numbers and dates and factual stuff has been brought up that anyone wanting to start looking through data on their own can do that.

Now though, I wanted to a get a little dreamier before trying to explain the mechanisms of whatever weird science it is these people are doing. (There will also be a time-line. So, there’s a ways to go. Or unless the black helicopters come.)

It’s going to have to be this way in a sense because what I’m attempting to do is summarize in a few pages what amounts to 50 years of hidden technology. (You thought people were bad about hiding things from a partner):

(That’s Breaking Bad “No Mas” S03E01). I will eventually get back to a full explanation of the 16:16 frame in a bit, but what’s about to follow will help with that also.

So, one of the ways in which this whole project came about was from the following frame you see on the left. This is the 9:11 time stamp that really shook me when I watched the movie. Like really watched and examined every detail closely. Because when you’re doing that and something walks in front of the camera, you’re like, “What? I can’t see .” (Notice the time stamp of 229:11 on the right).

And in a Kubrick film every thing means something. So, when we see that again during the toy store sequence at the end of the movie, I’m betting it’s a clue. Here’s that frame in full view:

229:11 Should be self explanatory. I think he’s saying we have another emergency. It involves 2 black objects, bubbles, and a magic circle (More than that, but hang tight).

I want to go back to Kubrick’s acceptance speech of the DW Griffith Award for a second though, and show Kubrick himself using a little bit of symbolism:

He steps to the side here at 2:10 into his speech. It’s what someone does when a bull is charging. He’s centered back in his original position 2 seconds later at 2:12. Most people might know 212 is a New York area code. So, he might be saying something about 2 objects and NY. A bunch of bullshit in other words.

The bull could also relate to our earthquake machine, and a Nostradamus prophecy about a great earthquake when the Sun is in 20 degrees of Taurus. (Taurus is the bull for those not familiar).

Is it possible Kubrick has seen this next catastrophe as he saw 9/11? And he’s trying to warn us it also involves 2 objects like there were 2 planes and 2 buildings on 9/11? Note the champagne or “bubbly” again.

What could these objects be? (Hint it’s monoliths). Let me flesh out the rest of that picture a bit though.

Magic circle could be China’s FAST ‘telescope’ completed in 2016 (and another reference to the 16:16 image). China may be lying about dates similar to space missions talked about in Part 1. Testing it throughout 2015 before declaring completion.

Also, I put telescope in quotes because I think Kubrick is intimating here it’s using a different kind of power (the weird science I mentioned and why he calls it ‘magic’). Underground somewhere most definitely as you see in the frame.

I couldn’t tell you where exactly since I have no top secret security clearance in China. But if we have a list of suspects FAST makes sense because a nearby village of 9,000 people was evacuated. The reason I guess is up to us to. This story says aliens. The CNN one doesn’t really say, just ‘concerns’. Betting weird science attracts weird ‘concerns’ though.

Next to the magic circle is a weapon or gun. Kubrick saying the telescope is really a weapon. Well, who has the weapon? A guy in red and black is above everyone else. I think this means China. What does the weapon do? It heats things up which is why we see bubbles. When things boil there’s bubbles. (More later).

There’s gold glitter on the far right. Meaning this is about China’s gold. I’ll show this again in the 16:16 frame, but you can read this article now. The Dalmatians in the background which are hard to see (we’ll look closer) are positioned next to a bear which is also hard to see. That symbolism seems to be saying the Russians are 101 (Dalmatian) level in their science compared to China’s weapon.

And then we come to the monoliths. The great mystery. Naturally, this is going to have to devolve into a bit of story-telling. If anyone remembers there was a big push for disclosure near the end of the 1990’s.

There was an official push, but I also suspect there was an ‘unofficial’ effort. Or a conspiracy, (a good one), to disseminate information related to space. This was covered with the symbolism of Kubrick’s packages in Part 3.  I also stated there:

“I strongly suspect there is additional information related to all this in other expressive mediums such as books, music, and paintings.”

One of the items noted was the 1996 NASA “Tether Incident” in Part 3.  Another item in the mid 1990’s was the book Penetration by Ingo Swann. (The cover art becomes even more interesting with these revelations of an earthquake machine having a space component. Note also the Chinese symbol on the flag):

Another weird thing that seemed to appear out of nowhere around 1998 was a NASA photograph of ‘space debris’ or what’s come be to known as the ‘Black Knight Satellite‘. I think you can see where this might be going.

Of course, Eyes Wide Shut was also this same time frame of late 1990’s.

OK. Well, this going to get weird for a bit discussing monoliths. There’s just no way around it. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a weird movie. With a weird trippy sequence at the end.

The question we should be asking is why? Why the weirdness in 2001? Why the weird science by the Chinese? Again, I have no top secret clearance, but I would guess because it’s ancient. It might look high tech, but it’s old. And also alien of course.

Anyways, let me wrap up a few comments about the disclosure push, and this will also help me explain the function of these things (There’s 2 of them. Just like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just like the EWS scene.)

What I was trying to say with all these pieces of disclosure like the tether incident, Black Knight, and Penetration book is – in other words – the journey to the Moon was just as interesting as the destination.

With all kinds of biological life floating around (the vegetation in the paintings we see in Eyes Wide Shut). And the hex symbolism I mentioned absolutely everywhere in 2001, (which we’ll examine much more later). Even weird old ancient abandoned alien relay stations.

Did I say relay stations? I thought I said they were earthquake machines? Possibly both? Depending on what weird science energy you direct through them?

I won’t tease you and pretend I have a full explanation of these things. I’m just piecing together what makes sense in the context of all the other pieces. (I even admitted earlier some would be more wobbly than others.)

What does makes sense in the presence of an unofficial disclosure push is to see the Black Knight Satellite symbolism appearing in other mainstream content. Which I believe is what we see below with the images of relay stations in the Mass Effect series of video games.

The mining game we see pictured somewhat resembles the targeting reticule of an earthquake machine. There’s seismograph readings as well. Interesting both of these are “methods of transportation” – a Stargate in other words. Here’s symbolism of one from Eyes Wide Shut we’ll go over later:

Jack Shepard on the TV show Lost is also a dead ringer for Mass Effect’s main character Commander Shepard (More on this later, but Lost episode 24 from Season 2 has much to do with this. OK. It’s a double episode 23/24 “Live Together, Die Alone”).

Like was said previously, I can’t give you an instruction manual on how to use these things. You know who might though? Jacques Vallée. (My guess from this Indiana Jones reference if you read ‘ufologist’ as subtext for ‘archaeologist’):

I’d also like to point out some ping-pong symbolism I don’t know quite what to make of yet. Something to do with this earthquake weapon since we see it featured next to soap (or bubbles like we saw earlier indicting heat). Also, notice Desmond with his ‘sneak attack’ invasion from “underneath” – where earthquakes strike:

Or how signals get bounced off satellites (there may be a connection with Pong/Atari or MTV). Especially with the first MTV logo around the same time as The Shining and Raiders of the Lost Ark in the early 80’s.

The ping ping symbolism may also have something to do with airborne weapons (the darts too). With the ‘ding’  referring to the 36th parallel being ‘pinged’. Which is where both the San Andreas and New Madrid fault lines are. (Note the textured “fault lines” on the shutter door).

Or just commentary on expert Asian table-tennis players, and why their machine ended up functional when everyone else’s failed. When they really focus on something they seem to be pretty good at achieving it.

And here’s a couple more hex images I feel are related. The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton (Harvard educated M.D.) was released in 1969. One year after 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968 (we’ll get back to viruses later). That’s the famous hexagon at the north pole of Saturn.

You can also see the rings of Saturn referenced if you go back to the toy store frame with our 2 Black Knights and the rings on their hats. The links on her purse probably indicate what we were talking about with relays between the stations. (Note the actors posture even takes on the shape of the Black Knights):

Related to viruses here’s a clip talking about cover stories of epidemics in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Note how the corner with the American flag resembles a monolith:

This scene also occurs 42 minutes into the movie. Knowing Kubrick this is probably significant. The eyes shut is also a clue in my opinion as we’ll look a little later at some other facial signaling.

This is also a good place to point out, while I do think there are structures on the moon itself (in addition to orbiting satellites), they may be built “downwards”. And why we see underground hatches and other symbols suggestive of this:

And as if we haven’t seen enough Kubrick genius so far, there’s even more to these two frames from The Shining and 2001. A subliminal audio cue is broadcast 16 times in the beginning of The Shining. 16 seconds is also how long the monolith gives off that piercing sound (click the picture below to watch the video).

Now, a very interesting question is whether those astronauts resemble sperm. Is Kubrick saying humans and life on earth are alien sperm? Not sure what to make of it. But there’s also what could be considered sperm alien symbolism in Ridley Scott’s new movies like Prometheus:

A sperm fertilizing the earth (ovum) and then maturing enough to see itself for the first time and realize what it is?

Some more underground structures on the Moon in symbolism from Back to the Future II below. The Back to the Future Predicts 9/11 video on YouTube is also highly recommended if you haven’t seen it.

And yet more underground structures and alien symbolism on the show Lost. Fastwalkers is another term for alien activity on radar. Notice the stadium stairs are sloped downwards.

The images below are also from Lost. I showed them in Part 4 already, but they’re worth sharing again here. And it’s funny too because people always give explanations of what Lost is about. Not saying they’re wrong, and it’s not also about those things. But it’s pretty clear, to me at least, Space is being discussed.

All right. Going back to the number 16. Is this related to the 16:16 frame of Eyes Wide Shut? 2016 is the year we’ll start getting blasted with sound? But maybe it also has to do with how the monoliths are controlled? Through sound/energy?

We saw hints of that in Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

So, related to monoliths still. You can also see the Black Knights in the 16:16 frame I keep promising a full report on (it’s the Black Knight shape combined with Dragons, next to a fireplace):

Notice the radio above the fireplace relating to sound. And then one last instance of Black Knight Satellite symbolism used together with audio nearly everyone is familiar with:

Anyways, What I can tell you about these monoliths is their location. At least the ones in our solar system. I can’t tell you where they go from here.

Kubrick may be able to. That ‘side-stepping’ symbol we saw earlier may also be referring to teleporting. With ‘black triangles’ I’ve brought up before. My guess would be under Antarctica based on this sequence:

You can see the actors head travel in an “arc” (Antarctica) to look and see what’s “underneath”. And what he sees is America (the Statue of Liberty) with black triangles (The shape of Cruise’s arm. The corner itself also makes a triangle).

The white paint above the green suggesting the snow on that continent. He also uses the word ‘snow’ in dialogue. (Notice the black triangle in the woman’s hair in the painting and her legs as Antarctic terrain.)

I mentioned some ridiculous speculation might take place, and things would be wobbly or changed out later. One interesting thing to think about with this earthquake machine and if China did have one – they would probably want to target locations of top secret bases like Antarctica if they were also targeting the 36th parallel.

So, if we’re seeing heat and bubbles and boiling in California causing wildfires along the San Andreas fault, and then parts of the Mississippi are drying up and swarms of earthquakes in Oklahoma near the New Madrid line (As well as weird flooding in Branson which I’ll go into with chemtrails).

Then you gotta wonder if China has been heating up Antarctica with their earthquake machine as a ‘bunker buster’ of sorts to hit those black projects. In times of war I think one of the first moves is air supremacy. So, you bomb the others air fleet.

There were also a couple of earthquakes in Antarctica in the last 10 years. And according to this list, earthquakes are very rare there. So, there would be lots of ice melting from the heat.

Which could explain a large part of global warming. I think Nostradamus also talks about a country misusing an energy weapon and poking a hole in the atmosphere of the planet (I’ll have to track down the quatrain). But here’s a screen of that Lost E24S02,”Live Together, Die Alone”:

I think we can all agree though, no matter how hi-tech the weapons, or extent of measures to hide them, it’s a miserable situation for us all to be in:

OK. So, I was trying to explain the location of these monoliths. And if you’re familiar with the story of the writing of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the screenplay and novel for the 1968 film were completed simultaneously.

I bring up specific dates because as mentioned earlier, more often than not the official ones given to us (if given at all) usually lag a few years behind. The dates you see in Full Metal Jacket are probably closer to the truth:

Anyways, the location of the second monolith was changed from what was originally Saturn to Jupiter in the movie. If I recall correctly because they had trouble reproducing the rings of Saturn for film.

So, it seems there’s one Black Knight located somewhere between us and the Moon, and another out by Saturn. (The Nostradamus book has some interesting info about a manned mission to Venus we never heard about by Russia).

OK. Let’s do that 16:16 frame now. Before we do, I quickly want to point out something Steven Spielberg said in the extras of Eyes Wide Shut about Stanley Kubrick making these movies for you guys.

Like I’m not special here. This information is all just sitting out there. In the case of Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut, that’s been in the can since 1999. So, it’s sitting there for nearly 20 years.

It does nothing for his legacy if we don’t find it and do something with it. A gift that we can do whatever we want with. And that’s the point of a gift. It’s for you guys, like Spielberg says.

I do have another juicy conspiracy I’m working on with Spielberg and Michael Jackson. The E.T. connection – MJ worked on the sound – and we’ve been talking about monoliths and audio.

For those who don’t ‘believe’ in gifts, or everything having strings attached. I would say the means = end. If your perspective is nothing can ever be considered a gift, you won’t be open to receiving them because of paranoia and suspicion.

And this is demonstrated with Kubrick’s movies. There’s no strings. You’re free to keep your Eyes Wide Shut. But if you’re looking for more, it’s probably there.

Anyways, we’ve covered about half this frame intermittently so far. There’s the Black Knights near the fireplace controlled by the Dragon Family of Asia/China.

If you had a chance to read the linked article, it describes the situation with a dispute over gold. Which we see on the far left (it’s symbolically being held far out of reach).

The toilets I believe are also symbolic. Conveying a message of gold being worthless in the face of an earthquake machine. May as well flush it down the toilet.