Who am I?

Just a guy looking for answers.  Which is what science should be about. Unfortunately, it’s not.  I know this from first hand experience because I hold an M.D. degree.

What I learned from a series of events involving a near-death experience, a ‘miraculous’ healing, and experiments with remote viewing is that the primary building block of reality is consciousness. Physicists proved this almost 100 years ago when Nobel prize winner Eugene Wigner said:

“It is impossible to give a satisfactory description of the atomic phenomena without reference to consciousness”

So, why hasn’t this knowledge been assimilated into our everyday lives? Because it would be incredibly hard to sell gadgets to people to improve their lives if they truly understood how their mind literally creates the world around them. You get what you concentrate on. You become what you worship. What I’m saying here is not new. And I don’t claim to have any ‘sure’ answers. What I feel I offer though, is a different way to look at things that can help bring the scientific and spiritual worlds closer together